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Getting ready for your Valentine! A smooth road to waxing at Indulge Salon in York PA

Salon York PA

Indulge Pure Originals comes in a variety of fragrances

Getting ready for your Valentine can be daunting. You may want to prepare to have a smooth flow to your date about 7 days prior to your special evening. To help prepare you for your evening’s festivities, we wanted to ensure that you have enough time to grow out the bikini area or if you want to go full out with the Brazilian experience by all means get ready.
We recommend showering prior to your salon appointment. At Indulge Salon Georgia and Indulge Salon York PA, we sanitize your areas, powder to prevent the wax from sticking to unwanted areas and talk to you about any sensitivies. Truly you are covered in the areas except where attention is needed. If you feel nervous at all take a Tylenol or anything to relax you. To prevent any ingrown hairs, do not touch the area that has just been waxed. I know you feel compelled to touch but just say NO! If you would just happen to have any bacteria on your fingers you could cause ingrown hairs. Waxing does help exfoliate and improves the condition of the skin on your legs too.
Waxing can really reduce the regrowth by growing in slower because the “whole” hair will be removed, not just the surface hair that was removed when you shave. Try the Indulge Pure Originals Body Cream to moisturize afterwards. Very gentle and super moisturizing. This moisturizer is super luscious after a warm shower. Wait till your special someone feels the smoothness of your legs. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!.

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