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Baby Boomer Peel-The Beginning

It’s here.

The Baby Boomer Peel is the latest addition to Indulge Salon’s lineup of skincare remedies and assorted products. For the whole month of January we’re focusing on bringing out all the fresh skin cells that have been lingering just underneath your dead cornea layer (the outside layer of skin). The cornea is usually just a buildup of less-than-attractive dead skin cells. It also accounts for an accumulation of wrinkles or crow’s feet around the eyes that the self-conscious among us are all too painfully aware of. But what’s so special about our latest solution, you ask? Let me tell you about my experience with the peel so far…

I really wanted to try the latest remedy for the aging process, so I chose to take on the “Baby Boomer Peel.” Yes, I was determined to remove the dead layer of my skin based on our skincare therapist’s recommendation at the S. George Street Indulge Salon in York, PA. She told me that I would look younger (the key word for me) and that this would last about a month. Before beginning the process, she gave me some very helpful information about the peel. Trusting her expertise, I listened to everything but didn’t realize how valuable and super-intelligent she was until the 3rd day of the peel. Boy, did I appreciate her even more when my skin was starting to peel! But I digress.

Let’s start with the first appointment. This took place on New Year’s Day, which happened to be a Saturday. I lay down on her table and awaited the treatment. She said it would take about 10-20 minutes. I humorously responded “What about the massage?” because I was so ready to relax and be pampered. She claimed that there would be no massage and that the process would actually be aggressive! I was disappointed, but I dutifully resigned to my fate at her capable hands.

She started everything by explaining that the process requires you to come in with the knowledge that this treatment takes three steps. (How did I miss this?) Here’s the first step: coming in for a thorough facial, massage, and extractions if necessary to remove the white and black heads. The second treatment usually takes place a week after the interrogation of the nose and face and focuses on cleansing. You need to remove all makeup from the night before or, in general, the dirt from the day, and then apply the appropriate level of peel.

I wanted to make that clear because she actually gave me the Baby Boomer Peel. Whoa! Already categorizing me into a group! Drat. Obviously, that’s why I’m in the room receiving this aggressive peel to take off the top layer of my skin and endure the next few days feeling like my face is going to burn off. As she applied the peel, she told me “this may burn a little.” Right…in reality it felt like a raging fire!!!

Our expert then took the courtesy to tell me that my peel was stronger than most. At this point I simply said thank you very much……and immediately had the fan blowing directly on my face to tone down the blazing sensation I was experiencing. I could never get that cool air close enough. Mind you, only a minute into this thing and my skin was already frothing. New word ladies: frothing. This means the chemical peel will actually leave a light film on the skin. No, it’s not like a mocha frappe at the local coffee shop where it froths up by any means!

After about half a minute, she used a warm cloth to remove the light film and my skin felt soooo much better. Ahhhhh…she then continued to rinse it and performed a few other magical procedures while teaching me how to use it. She actually gave me instructions on paper. I was cool with this. I kept thinking ‘”I’m going to look amazing at my conference next week.” She gave me sunscreen too, which is ESSENTIAL for the safety of your skin here. She also gave me a gentle cleanser from Guinot, which is amazingly gentle and not harsh at all.

Our pro kept reminding me not to pull the skin pieces off while peeling during the day. I was told it would feel like my skin was going to crack and make me want to keep peeling it off. It hasn’t been easy for me. I feel compelled to get rid of loose ends; what can I say! I like things nice and neat. Seriously girls, DON’T mess with these loose ends. Continue to moisturize them with a protective barrier and whatever else the skincare specialist tells you to do, because they know their stuff. I listened. She told me that this would be like getting new baby skin. I agree, even after only four days. It still burns a little, yes, but I love how incredibly soft my skin feels! I believe this process has been worth it.

These are my before and after pictures:

Salon York PA

Day 3

Salon York PA

Day 3

Salon York PA

Day 4

Salon York PA

Day 4

So, here’s the bad news: you’ll have to go through some rough patches of pain in order to get a GREAT end result. In the next couple of days we’ll have a follow-up post with the “after” pictures from my Baby Boomer Peel at Indulge Salon in York, PA. To learn more about how this particular service could renew your skin, call 717-846-4424 and ask to speak with the Skincare Specialist.

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