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No bueno Problemo

Ok…Problematic Situation…

As I come in the door from the gym, I turn to lock the two deadbolts, and glance at my favorite “goal picture.”  My goal picture is an advertisement of this gorgeous athlete model for Syntha-6 Protein Powder.  She has the most amazing rear, and of course, I want my rumple butt to look like that.  I thought that if I put it on my front door that I would see it and subconsciously (along with diet and exercise) look that fantastic sooner rather than later.

I noticed that the page was slightly bent from top to bottom on the right hand side, and suddenly I realized that it was literally plastered to the door.  I think even the tiny tape square (originally the only thing holding it up) has become part of the door. Here’s the dilemma:

I am RENTING.  Obviously, I’ve got to find some way to get this picture off the door.  Yes, I tried pulling at it a little, but it just rips and the remainder of the picture is glued to the door.  How embarrassing!  What in the world am I going to say to the ladies at the rental office?

“Uh..Hi yes,…see I have a slight problem…I have a magazine picture plastered to the back of my front door, and I  can’t get it off.”

Once they see that the picture is of a chick, and I’m the only one living in the apartment, they’re going to think I’m a little strange. Especially since men are usually the ones who have pictures of women lining the walls of their apartment.

Perhaps I should go in the office with workout gear on…and they’ll just think I’m obsessed with working out?

The point of this story?  Don’t stick things to your walls or doors that you don’t really want to get stuck there.  At least I physically can’t get rid of my goal picture—and for that I’m thankful. I now know that the image of the picture plastered to my door will never vanish from my mind.  Lucky me.

From the desk of an Indulge Full Throttle Lifer…

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