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At Indulge Salon we provide what is called a consultation. I know it sounds generic but really this is one of the secrets to beautifully maintaining your haircolor and haircut. This initial experience is about discovering what you want and expect from your salon and what will be realistic for your hair and what your hair will be able to do. Often times, a new client will bring their instagram, […]

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mother’s. We honor you at Indulge Salon for your hardworking, diligence and perserverance to raise our children to be self sufficient loving citizens. I know its hard and that you normally self sacrifice for your children/young adults. We have given up things in order for our children to have a better life experience than what we have. I just learned the other day that statistics […]

I hope you brought the year in safe and happy with special peopel surrounding you as you ended 2013. I had some friends over for a special dinner and we brought in the 2014 together. Carson too. We had laughs and some fun reflections on what we will not do from last year and what we will do in the future year. I find that when people make resolutions that they tend not […]

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I don’t know about you but I’ve about had it with terrible customer service. How about the friendly factor these days? Surprising gone in most business. Customer service is likened to the word “task”. Yes you have to be checked out but hey it might be over the top if you smile at the person. What a concept. A smile. The smile says volumes about who you are as a […]

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It’s a happy new year to you from Indulge Salon, York PA. I’d say that making new year’s resolutions are a good start to the decision making idea! The difference between making a goal and actually do the goal is a time line. If you aren’t happy with the way you look either your weight, how you look or let’s go further such as your finances. We think it is […]

I’m on a roll tonight. It’s 12:00 a.m. and my son is asleep. Everything is quiet and I was thinking about the hair fiascos that happen on a plane when one travels. I always look at hair when I travel and think about how I could transform someone with a new hair color or a haircut that would better suit their features. In York, PA at Indulge salon we have […]

Goodness Gracious! I know it was a fad for quite some time, but seriously, gals, let’s lose the dark roots! I have seen way too many ladies walking around with regrowth 4 inches or longer! The worst is when your hair is platinum blonde and you have extremely dark regrowth.  Here are 3 simple ways on how to keep your hair out of the regrowth faux-pas: If your beauty budget doesn’t allow […]