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Box haircolor vs professional haircolor services

At Indulge Salon we provide what is called a consultation.

I know it sounds generic but really this is one of the secrets to beautifully maintaining your haircolor and haircut. This initial experience is about discovering what you want and expect from your salon and what will be realistic for your hair and what your hair will be able to do.

Kimberly Acworth wants to look like Cameron Diaz

Kimberly Acworth wants to look like Cameron Diaz

Often times, a new client will bring their instagram, pinterest, photo from a magazine to show us what they are interested in. We will place our thumb over the models face and ask, “do you still like the hairstyle?” As consumers we are so enamored by the face that we secretly want to look like them. I personally want to look like Cameron Diaz and have her body. Our new client sighs and says “no, I didn’t realize.” YOU CANT BUY THIS LOOK IN A BOX. 

With that being said, we have some ground work to cover on what you really can have for your face shape and lifestyle. If you are the type of person that wants long flowing hair such as the Victoria Secret models and you constantly pull it up and don’t manage it very often, we probably would recommed a more lifestyle friendly style that you can manage day to day without having your hairstylist at Indulge Salon live with you. I tell my personal clients that if they want me to come to their house every morning to do their hair I require a large diet coke for breakfast.

The difference between box color (which we fix every day) and professional color is the stylist the hair, the product, the person applying and mixing it. Seriously, the client that tries to look at the box and expect they will get whats on the box is brainwashed. I was before I started doing professional color. I was in high school going to a Halloween party and wanted to be a black cat. I looked at the box expecting my hair to wash out quickly and guess what? Didn’t happen it had to grow out. I was black cat full color, 6 months, 1/2 head brown and black on the ends and then I had to cut off the bottom after a year. BIG mistake I had to live with. I wasn’t familiar with fixing those types of box color mistakes as I am now and I’m sensitive to those that have box haircolor blunders. I see Ombre and highlights that turn bright orange leaving the consumer with dried out blotchy hair. We see a lot of college students coloring and highlighting each others hair and now we get to fix it. We feel so amazing after we get it worked out for them. but Whoa the in-between is a mess.

Professional stylists look at you differently than you looking down the isle at many lines of haircolor boxes. We help choose the best tones of colors and consistency of creams, liquids that will suit your texture to improve its condition. we analyze the texture from scalp to ends and choosing the most appropriate color line that will last longer and prevent it from fading. We also take into consideration the style that you are desiring and will customize your haircolor to suit your style.

Currently, we are offering 25.00 haircuts for back to school. Call 717.846.4424 for your college students and grade schoolers. This offer is good till August 31, 2014.

Professional hair color is easier to manage, doesn’t have metals that cause problems for stylists. We formulate with a few shades to match up the perfect shade for your skin tone and lifestyle. We help match up your personality with more tones and dimensional shades that will look interesting. Color companies today are really supportive of the professional stylist. I have traveled all over the world to learn the techniques, trends to bring to my stylists and our clients. In a week, I may have learned at least 20 new techniques to bring back and share with my team.

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