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2014 Happy New Year from Indulge Salon, York Pa

I hope you brought the year in safe and happy with special peopel surrounding you as you ended 2013. I had some friends over for a special dinner and we brought in the 2014 together. Carson too. We had laughs and some fun reflections on what we will not do from last year and what we will do in the future year. I find that when people make resolutions that they tend not to keep them. So what really is the difference between a resolution or a goal?

Resolution is a defined resolving to not do something such as not over eat chocolate. Losing weight seems to be a popular resolution for some people. However when you decide (make a choice) becomes a goal. The goal is more concrete.

When we make our concrete goals and drill them down to benchmarks such as by March I will have lost 10 lbs. That really is only 3.33 lbs per month. This type of goal makes it realistic and achievable. We also tell ourselves subconsciously that we are able to reach 3 lbs per month and add an activity to shed more calories than you eat will give you an end result. Seems easy right? It is when you put your mind to work and follow up with some visuals. If you place a picture of a body that you would like to see yourself in the mind will perform naturally. Stop punishing yourself and just live!

My goal for 2014 is to create many new hairstyles and new haircolors for my clients that will refresh their attitude to have their best year ever. When you feel good you look good. I had a long time customer in the chair and we were talking about how change is imperative and keeps you feeling fresh and alive. Simple highlights or just adding dimensions to your color puts more color in your skin and can make you look healthy. Call the salon for a free consultation to see if what you have could be updated a little more contemporary.

We at Indulge Salon wish you the very best in 2014!

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