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Trend setting 2014 hits the runways with “icy blonde”|Induge Salon

Who would have thought “silver is the new blonde?”

For this season’s new look the inspiration pushes the boundaries of neutralizing the yello out of hair with pale metalics with a winter white and steely blue grey shades. Perfect case in point, my client Amy Harlacker wasn’t able to obtain the white look that she has been wanting for years in another salon. As we kept pre-lightening her hair to create the beautiful clear pale blonde color she was yearning for more…

I love her more! She let me have creative freedom. As a stylist thats like saying “do whatever you want” free reign to do multiple tones, multiple dimensional white, grey with  a pinch of violet to cool out the tones in the hair and sometimes we chalked her hair with vibrant purple to edge it up a notch.

As you will be able to see, Amy’s hair color is more steely than white for this 1st quarter of the winte season. We have done darker grey blue at the perimeter with white at the top or foiled pearls through the white in a patterned approach.

Her overall look is her signature look and isn’t that what haircolor is all about. Your look that nobody else has. She is a professional executive that does trade shows and when she shows up at these shows the participants know her now by her hair. Her boss even loves it. When you are ready give us a call to create your signature look at Indulge Salon, York PA. All of these looks can belon Photos courtesy of Pinterest

courtesy of Pinterest

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