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Indulge Salon, York PA has a renewed energy towards customer service

I don’t know about you but I’ve about had it with terrible customer service. How about the friendly factor these days? Surprising gone in most business. Customer service is likened to the word “task”. Yes you have to be checked out but hey it might be over the top if you smile at the person. What a concept. A smile. The smile says volumes about who you are as a person and your perception towards life.

I had an experience at a Dr’s office today that took me over the edge. I had to say something to the office staff it was horrid for multiple reasons. I had to take my son to the Dr’s today for a follow up visit regarding his reflux and to prevent future problems.

This experience made me really think about the type of customer service that we provide at Indulge Salon, York Pa and that we are here to serve others in multiple areas such as giving the best recommendations towards the best haircut for the face shape of the person sitting in our chair. This is the point, the person who has feelings and sensitivities towards their life, their hair, their skin and the products they want to use to maintain their skin, hair and nails. We are here for our customers and clients. We care. You are not a task or something that has to get done.

I appreciate you our customer and clients and we are grateful for you and that you make us look good because you feel good about coming to Indulge Salon, York PA. So thank you York Pa for making us look good and allowing us to do what we do best!

If you are not currently a customer or client and would like to enjoy a consultation, call us as 717.718.4465 or 717.846.4424.



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