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Spending time with your 20 something adults

Needed to mention this to all my followers. I don’t know about you but I really enjoy my children. My son will be nineteen in March and my daughter is 26. I cannot believe it.

I had the opportunity to my daughter in Killeen, Texas. Her husband is in the Army fighting to protect us while the women are back at home “holding the fort down” so to speak. Well, let’s say that we had a great time being together, getting our hugs in, eating super foods such as salmon and salad. (mine had bourbon on it which I love!) I also experienced a new beverage called The pain killer. Only two are allowed at this specific restaurant and they were delicious. Yes, they. We laughed a lot and took multiple photos that had to be deleted because I was a dork when smiling into the camera. Why is it these younger people know how to hold out the camera, smile and have a good result when clicking the button to save the photo. Oh, not me, I have half a head shot or the bottom of my body which I don’t want anyone to see. It’s not good. We laughed even harder at those photos.

I learned all about boots at Cavenders. What is a quality boot and what is not, how to wear a country western boot and now they have some really cool square toed boots that won’t squinch your toes. I made that word up in case you like to have everything grammatically correct. It’s in the Kimberly Acworth’s dictionary. We spent hours trying on boots and the accommodating sales girl was extremely helpful and tolerated us trying on boot after boot. She really does deserve an award for her toleration levels.

We spent time seeing the movie Safe Harbor with Josh the fantastic looking actor. Great story but Julianne Hough’s hair is the absolute bomb of good hair styling and on trend haircut. Her bob with the fringy layers swinging towards her face as she bumps around on her borrowed bicycle look fantastic. The highlights in her hair are well done. So I don’t want to ruin it for you if you haven’t seen the movie. You have got to go just to see her hair. Enjoy the total chick flick movie. We sighed at the end. You know the sigh, ah that was a good movie and one that needs to be purchased to stay on the keeper shelf for those nights that you need a pick me up.

Of course, we ate again and we went Mexican and a shout our for Casa Ole’ where my daughter is the marketing person for nine of their stores. She does a great job and believe me I would hate to get in her way of someone not doing there job. Yikes! She checks on her stores and whoa…….let’s just say she was having some one on ones when I left to go back to York, PA. I had their spinach burrito. Yum. We had ourselves a little picnic on her living room table while watching the rest of Sky Fall.

Overall, we had the best time together and her dog Lilly whom is ten months old enjoyed having me throw her toys to her. She was a lot of fun. Oh, did I mention that my daughter took me on base to work out at her gym. Of course I didn’t because I am so stiff, I could barely work today. My buttocks and back of my legs were ACHING! So when I dropped the spray bottle today, I just stared at it in hopes someone would walk by to pick it up for me. Fat chance of that! They were to busy to do that and paying attention to their own clients. I had to suck it up and bend over as quickly as possible the rest of the way because I needed that spray bottle. Oh, well I loved being on that treadmill for 30 minutes hoping my daughter would want to move on to the next workout but no she was determined to get the full 30 minutes in on her machine as the incline was jacked up to about 12 on mine! But I stuck it out and was determined to not let her see me sweat to much to show her I still have it in me that I can hang with the young ones. Never let them see you sweat is my motto. Gut it out and make it happen until she got me onto the mats. Um, I could only go two rounds on the squats and that was it for me. She had me hold the barbell on my shoulders squatting down and moving from left to right. I thought oh my gosh how am I going to keep all this up? Do they have to have mirrors on every wall? I did appear to be keeping up because I would press that decrease speed button often. I achieved so much personally when she told me she was proud of me. I was glowing because that is hard stuff. After that I was good to go and bring it on.

Know this mom’s and dad’s, you gotta do what you gotta do to be with them because our young adults are important and they need to feel important. I love my daughter and son so much I will carry that stinking barbell wherever she tells me to so I can be with her and whats important to her. Perhaps next time, we can talk HIIT. That means high intensity workouts of 15 minutes. The newest and oldest rage. I may have to pass that along. Hee hee.

Enjoy the day.



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