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My favorite Lip color Glo Skin Suede Matte Crimson Lip Crayon feels like suede and stays all day! Need a lip color that is creamy, suede and moisturizing during your day? I’ve got the solution to those dry lips. You can eat, smooch and not worry about messing up your lip lines. Since we started carrying the Glo Skin lip suede lip colors. My favorite colors are Glo Skin Suede […]

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If the dreary winter weather has you feeling blah, a bright new shade of lipstick might just be the answer! A pop of color on your lips can brighten your whole face and of course a good lipstick like the Youngblood collection we carry at Indulge Salon York, PA protects the lips from moisture loss. Indulge carries 20 luxurious, moisturizing shades of Youngblood lipstick that are lanolin-free and offer a […]

It’s a happy new year to you from Indulge Salon, York PA. I’d say that making new year’s resolutions are a good start to the decision making idea! The difference between making a goal and actually do the goal is a time line. If you aren’t happy with the way you look either your weight, how you look or let’s go further such as your finances. We think it is […]

Have you ever wanted to learn how to apply your makeup? This is the gal for you! She will teach you how to apply your makeup in the most natural approach. she will consult with you to help make your eyes stand out, your cheeks glow and your lips bloom like buds on a flower. Michele is really excited about continuing to keep herself educated on the best techniques that […]

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We have all had them erupt on our skin like a volcano. Yes, I’m talking the pimples that are hard to get rid of in the most inopportune times. I have had them appear out of nowhere at work and the only thing my customer was staring at was my pimple breakout. How embarrassing. Our fingers are culprits of making our skin much worse than it should be. You know […]

It’s here! The newest lipstick Tangelo from Young Blood Mineral Cosmetics. We have carried this makeup line for years and I must say this season for color is hot and bright. Tangerine orangy colors are amazing. They stand out for brightness and make pale skin look brighter, they make dark skin look beautiful too. As you can see in this picture the lipstick is moist and will not dry your […]