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Need a lip color that stays? Try Glo Skin Suede Matte Crimson Lip Crayon

Kimberly’s favorite Glo Skin Suede Matte Crimson Lip Color is the best.

My favorite Lip color Glo Skin Suede Matte Crimson Lip Crayon feels like suede and stays all day!

Need a lip color that is creamy, suede and moisturizing during your day? I’ve got the solution to those dry lips. You can eat, smooch and not worry about messing up your lip lines. Since we started carrying the Glo Skin lip suede lip colors. My favorite colors are Glo Skin Suede Matte Bombshell Lip Color that is a little brighter but I always get compliments on this no matter when I wear it and men always stare at my lips. What are they thinking?

Glo Suede Matte Crayon Crimson

Glo Suede Matte Crayon Crimson swatch

Glo Skin Suede Crimson Lip Color is my main stay color that I wear all of the time. Sometimes, I enjoy lining the lips with this then using a lighter color in between that is more of a tan which gives me a combo of peach and pink. Works great on an off day when I’m not feeling so bright.  I love the creamy feel of the lip color and never have to worry about it fading during the day. These favorite lip suede colors feel so good that I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror while I work. They don’t bleed like most lipsticks that can be caky or have a tendency to crepe up into the lines of my lips.

We have some techniques that help offset those bleed marks that are not fun and make you look old. Being younger at 20 – 40 these colors give you POW with your look. These Glo Skin Suede Matte Crimson Lip Colors are smooth operators when they glide onto the lips. They are great for women that talk a lot because they don’t come off easily while we chat yet we can sip our drinks without worrying we will lose our color and the extra bonus is that the Glo skin Suede Matte Crimson Lip color isn’t waxy for these types of lip colors. We carry all of the Glo skin Suede Matte Crimson lip colors all 7 in fact. Mix and match are fun.

glo Skin Suede Matte Lip Crayons

6 Glo Skin Suede Matte Lip Crayons to choose from

    Suede Matte Crayon: rich long lasting color without the high shine $18
  • Rumor – vibrant berry – great for darker skin to bring some brightness to the face
  • Crimson – rich cool red
  • Demure – earthy mauve
  • Sorbet – sweet and sensuous
  • Bombshell – boom classic rich deep red, most popular shade

Cream Glaze Crayon: still long lasting lip color that conditions with the high shine $18

Heirloom – antique rose – perfect for the woman that wants gorgeous color that lasts with shine

  • Dahlia – grape berry
  • Chiffon – pink nude – favorite for teens and natural looking faces that want a little color

What our clients say:

“People ask me all of the time what lip color I’m wearing on or in person. I tell them its Glo Skin Suede Matte Demure Lip Crayon. I wear Glo Skin Suede Matte Crimson and Monogram. My favorite is Chiffon because its nude and feels creamy” As a mother of twins, I don’t have a lot of time to put my whole face on before I go for my work out at 6:00 a.m. I still look polished when I do my cross fit workout. I like to reapply because I like how it feels during the day. I wouldn’t have to but I love it.

Alex Crawford, Bishop, Georgia

We welcome to come in to try before you buy. Isn’t that great you don’t have to commit right away. Come with naked lips and we can dress them up for the night so that you can try them out. Smooch your lover for Valentines without worries. No more dry lips. Even if your lips are dry we have the perfect lip conditioner in mint or cherry with sunscreen. Call 717.846.4424 for a consult or makeup appointment.

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