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Guinot Pleine Vie is designed for women going through the dry skin associated with menapause.

We have all had them erupt on our skin like a volcano. Yes, I’m talking the pimples that are hard to get rid of in the most inopportune times. I have had them appear out of nowhere at work and the only thing my customer was staring at was my pimple breakout. How embarrassing.

Our fingers are culprits of making our skin much worse than it should be. You know the saying, ” I don’t know where your hands have been.” is so true. We touch everything and some activities would really require a washing and sanitation. Afterwards.

Our skin is porous. This means that our skin has the ability to absorb whatever is on our skin on the outside and pulls it into the inside to a certain degree. This is another reason why skin care companies such as Guinot has perfected the absorption of product to reach into the deeper layers to heal the free radicals (bad guys) that are swarming around making us look older than necessary. These free radicals can be reduced naturally by reducing our:

a. stress levels. Try to relax and enjoy smelling the roses. I know that’s really good advice isn’t it? I have to learn to do this too.

b. eat lots of blueberrys and drink or take vitamin A, eat green leafy vegetables such as kale, chard and my favorite spinach. These feeds are also great because of the natural sulfur in them.

c. use the correct products for your skin. Did you know that at different age levels your skin requires certain ingredients that will either moisturize for flexibility or to nurture with more nutrients than when you were a frisky 20 year old or perhaps you are hitting the menopausal stage and require even more preventative skin care for that type of skin. I have been learning so much and fighting to stay young looking as long as possible.

d. I have experienced that happy people really age much better than the grouchy people. In my past years of experience with doing hair of people that have passed on, you can tell on their faces if they were happy or not. the skin does tell a story no matter how old you are. So fake it!

Enjoy life as much as you possibly can and enjoy the people that you love hanging around you. Life is way to short to be grouchy and stern with people that you can choose not to hang around. Even your family. Keep the grumpies away and you will start to look a whole lot younger than what you used to.

My last recommendation is to have a good cleansing to clean off the accumulated dead skin cells. you say, “how do you do that”. Professionally speaking, I recommend visiting Priscilla at our South George Street location. She is superb in her vast amount of knowledge in how to treat skin conditions. We have surprisingly headed off some major skin cancer that could have turned worse had she not mentioned it. this is a safe environment and our self esteem is at stake. So schedue your facial today which includes a gentle cleansing to loosen the dead skin cells, she will massage the creams and lotions into your skin to hydrate and do some cellular renewal if necessary. Then followed up with some good advice on which treatments and products to use.

go to to get yourself educated on how to really clean your skin.

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