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Who is working for you around the clock while you sleep?

I thought that might catch your interest. As you know, I have hit the magic years of the 40’s which is supposed to be the 30’s. Um, not sure about that statement. I feel like I’ve been working more than I ever have. I know we only have 24 hours in a single day but like you how in the world do we find time for ourselves in our 23 hour busy day doing what we do?

In your mind, your thinking well time management Kimberly. Of course, I love productivity and making the best use of my time. Unfortunately, I feel like I play catch up in many areas especially with taking care of myself. Those of you that know me personally, know that I don’t get much sleep. Some of this by choice and other nights not. Daily living can really break your skin down and so can managed stress. I really don’t think I’m stressed however according to some studies I’ve been reading maybe I might have a little.

What is really on my mind right now is my skin and how I look in the mirror to see what is looking back at me is not the 20 year old skin I used to have. It used to be firm and sunken in at the right places. Truly, I fight hard to maintain some youth by eating Hershey Golden Almond Nuggets, McDonalds soda in the morning, five workouts a week and taking some really potent vitamins and supplements through Advocare. I started searching out the best supplements to help my skin from premature aging due to stress and lack of sleep. What I found was vitamins that athletes use to maximize their performance. I feel like I’m a performer every day and that I needed some extra help. I feel so much better which leads me back to the topic at hand, my facial skin.

I have been using Guinot skin care for years now. Is it a miracle overnight to moisturize and hydrate, yes but these products do much more than that surface activity. I know everyone wants to look younger in fifteen minutes but it “ain’t” happening as we say in York County, PA. Nope, you need to look at this from a different angle. You didn’t gain weight overnight well your wrinkles didn’t happen overnight either. So let’s work on our expectations of our skin. What I’ve learned is that taking a proactive approach to our skin will help us increase the elasticity (like a rubberband) will improve and snap back as you need it to. Our collagen (like a netting underneath) has to stay firm in order to keep us pulled together. We need to fight this all the way girls! Saggy necks, saggy bags under the eyes is not helping our youthful appearance. We must feed our skin daily either with supplements and good skin care that has been researched in France and it does work.

I’ve been using a serum which dives into your pores at a faster and more effective rate than a cream does. I still use Age Logic Cellulaire over top Time Logic Age Serum from Guinot. Our skin care therapist, Priscilla, tells me to switch up the products so that my skin doesn’t get used to it therefore, I will still get the best benefits from these amazing products. The Time Logic Age Serum is used at night and during the day for me. This serum is really light and I put it on my face as soon as I’m out of the shower. I don’t even dry my body off till I apply the serum on my face. The reason is that anything that is on your body within seconds will be absorbed into the skin in seconds. How do I know this? I read a medical journal regarding absorption ratesof how quickly products can be absorbed into the skin

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Age Logic Cellulaire is a light moisturizer that has 56 actives and anti-oxidants that help fight the aging process. Retores smooth skin texture

. I know I’m a weirdo but be glad that I am because I can continue to give you valuable information to help you maximize your skin creams and lotions.

The Time Logic Age Serum has a revolutionary formula that repairs my skin at night when our bodies are supposed to be at rest. The body naturally does repairing on the cells and rejuvenates you. All of the experts say you should still try to get at least 8 hours of sleep and 8 glasses of water into your body per day. It doesn’t play catch up so take advantage of what you have. This formula does work during the day and can be worn underneath your makeup so no worries about caking or being to thick on your face. It’s so light you don’t even know you have it on. This serum will stimulate the metabolic energy of the cells for repairing.

It’s good to know that when I close my eyes at night that at least my Time Logic is working for me while I sleep. I can just picture all of these little agressive construction workers going to work on my cells repairing and rejuvenating my skin and protecting it for the next day. Be good to yourself girls!

If you want more information about repairing your skin and preventing wrinkles, go to for an advanced level of skincare or call the salon at 717.846.4424 to speak directly to our skincare therapist, Priscilla.


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