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What can a chemical skin peel do for you?

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The Hibiscus flower comes in over 200 varieties that help rejuvenate skin with the extracts from the actual plan

A chemical peel is a technique which involves the application of a variety of chemical solutions to remove the outer
layers of DEAD skin cells that have accumulated on the skin’s surface. Wrinkles start to collect around the eyes and around the mouth with a tendency to “appear” thicker. It is extremely beneficial for many skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation (dark spots), rosacea (redness around the cheeks and nose area), sun damage, and photo aging. This customized solution comes in different strengths which will:

  1. remove buildup of dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling light and fresh
  2. stimulates the regenerative process of cells moving up to the top for youthful look
  3. decreases wrinkles and fine lines
  4. improves skin texture, tone and hydrates
  5. reduces pore size
  6. helps clearing of blemishes
  7. promotes more balanced oil production and healthier skin

This is a potent rejuvenator for all skin types, we carry Rhonda Allison’s Hibiscus Peel that contains a second generation AHA which is an alpha hydroxy acid obtained from hibiscus chalices. While the Hibiscus flower is beautiful, it is also potent. Even more moisturizing than lactic acid, this phytic/pyruvic acid is irritating, phyto-bioactive peel that may be joined with other skin peeling agents for additional healing and acne, oil-prone skin treatments. To see photos of my first chemical skin peel go to

This particular chemical peel that is used in conjuction with other peeling agents can be customized for the skin type at Indulge Salon, York PA. Our estitician a skin specialist will do everything possible to educate you in the chemical peels prior to having a treatment. The treatment will

1. tone skin and stimulate collagen activity

2. provides antioxidant support and moisturizing benefits

3. accelerates cellular turnover and promotes skin lightening.

With all of these benefits, try one of these chemical peels at our South George Street location. We have had great success with our peels. I just had one last week prior to a business presentation that I did in Columbus Ohio. My skin felt amazing. I have had several types of peels and this last one was by far the best one yet. Yes, it does sting a little. Well, it did for me but everyone’s pain tolerance is different. WEll worth it because I didn’t have to wear makeup for one week and I hardly peeled. She recommended the growth factor serum that really speeded up the process and she gave me the post care for free included with the peel. I had the pumpkin peptide peel this last time and I’m anxious to try to the Apple Wine chemical peel. For more information and visually see photos of one of my peels, check out

Let me know how your’s goes. I’d love to know. By the way, everything I wrote about is true. My wrinkles around the eyes have actually been reduced in size and minimized. Much better presentation. Girls we have to fight the aging process all the way!!

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