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Can a haircut create volume in my fine hair?

At Indulge Salon in York Pa! We have been perfecting the French haircutting  methods for years.  We train all of our staff in this method. The French haircutting is designed as a pattern maker that cuts the pattern then lays it out on the fabric and cuts to specific measurements to form fit the person in mind. Think of a men’s tailor. The tailor would pin up the cloth to the body and sew it perfectly for a form fitting suit that will minimize body imperfections in the build and at the same time make the body structure look even better by the cut of the suit.

I have a handsome male customer that recently went to China. He told me that he had several shirts made for himself and explained a similar process as I’ve described. He said they were the best fitting shirts he has ever worn. Obviously he looks great in anything he wears but imagine how good you feel if you had a form fitting outfit made for you?

Our French haircutting methods are superior in the movement of the hair, the volume that can be created on fine and natural hair, and the most amazing de bulking of hair that still gives a sexy appearance. With all of those benefits how can you go wrong. Each haircut is specifically customized for your face shape. We can cut the hair on specific angles to bring out your eyes or minimize areas of the face and neck area.

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