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I love the way I look with a tan – the healthy glow on my face and bronze skin on my body.  I’ve shared with you my horror stories of being a teenager and slathering up with oil to attract as much sun as possible. But now that I am older, as much as I still love the look, SPF 30 is the first thing I apply to my face […]

I’m a sporadic spring cleaner. With random bursts of energy (or sometimes frustration …), I find myself tackling odd deep cleaning jobs in spurts.  Totally unplanned I’ll suddenly clean out the silverware drawer, wiping down all of the different compartments and replacing clean flatware, and then pleased with that minor accomplishment, I’ll move on to a kitchen cupboard. Anything but the plastic storage container cupboard — that’s beyond help in […]

I think I’m going to treat myself to this great little Neiman Marcus number! I love the classic cut and the sexy but sophisticated lines. The winter weather and dry heat are taking a toll on my skin though and pulling off this dress means I am going to need to pay a little extra attention to making my arms and legs soft, supple, and smooth—dry skin is not sexy!!! […]

Are fine lines just a sign of dryness? see if dryness is magnifying your creases take a simple test: Apply a moisture Masque such as Guinot Hydra Mask and leave it on for the recommended time. When you rinse it off, does  your skin look fresher?  fuller? smoother? If it does look better than your skin was dehydrated. If it doesn’t look any different,your lines then are age related. I know that stinks but […]

Hey a shout out to my readers. The Indulge Body Butter bars can be used on infants that have diaper rash because it contains cocoa butter, shea butter and the sweet almond oil. The reason it will help diaper rash is the cocoa butter will have slip to it and the heated skin will melt the body butter bar. The nonfragrance would be even better to protect the skin and […]

Indulge Body Butters All Indulge Soaps and Body butter products are handcrafted for Indulge in small batches to ensure the freshest, highest quality products available. Soaps will continue to harden over time. They are moist and fresh and harden as they cure. Soaps with vanilla fragrance in them may continue to darken in color over time. This is normal and is a natural part of the moisturizer and soaps. The fragrance will not change. […]

Clients are clamouring into the salon and repurchasing the new Egyptian Musk. It comes in a creme’ pronounced Creme Brulee’. The lotion is really light as our customers have described. You know I love feedback with any of our products and services. Our clients have expressed that they don’t like the”greasy” feel and you know that we don’t want the grease feel on our clothes linens or anything else our skin comes in […]

Summer is a great time to be outside enjoying the weather, great outdoors, beach, and sun. Although it brings great weather, it can be very harsh on our skin. Laying out at the beach the sting of sand blowing in the breeze, the hot sun on our skin can completely reverse the care we gave our skin throughout the Spring.  It’s so important to maintain lush, moisturized skin especially through […]

Of course WE Do! Then again, we are absolutely in love with all shades of color! We like to focus in on different shades, however, and for the next week and a half we are “highlighting” Blondes (pun absolutely intended!) for our annual Blondes on the Run event! Come in for highlighting, color balances, retouches, double processes and they are all 15% off! We are also offering specials on all of your […]

A note from the co-manufacturer of the hand-made Indulge Skin Care Items… Consumers are faced with thousands of choices when it comes to deciding what they put on their skin.  A few products are truly amazing, some are pretty good, most are so-so, and some are downright lousy. What defines the difference between a truly amazing product and a downright lousy one?  First and foremost, it is based on the experience […]