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We had an awesome day today! We invited Wella Sebastian Regional Account Manager and the Local Account Manager into our salon to talk about and demonstrate the new products that we are currently using in our salon. We have had a sensational experience with Wella because they explain the new concept behind the new wella products. These new products provide a multi-sensory experience with orchid extract to give a calming […]

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Goodness Gracious! I know it was a fad for quite some time, but seriously, gals, let’s lose the dark roots! I have seen way too many ladies walking around with regrowth 4 inches or longer! The worst is when your hair is platinum blonde and you have extremely dark regrowth.  Here are 3 simple ways on how to keep your hair out of the regrowth faux-pas: If your beauty budget doesn’t allow […]

I’m going to tell you a story, with which you may possibly relate.  I thought I’d jump out on a limb and allow my friend to color my hair. Mind you, my hair was in desperate need of attention. Picture this: regrowth about 4 inches out, split ends like nobody’s business, dry, absolutely zero (and I mean zero) shape, body, or volume, and I was in the mindset of “what’s […]