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New Wella products give a multi-sensory experience

Salon York PA We had an awesome day today! We invited Wella Sebastian Regional Account Manager
and the Local Account Manager into our salon to talk about and demonstrate the new products that we are currently using in our salon. We have had a sensational experience with Wella because they explain the new concept behind the new wella products.

These new products provide a multi-sensory experience with orchid extract to give a calming affect on the skin. I’m speaking of the scalp. You know that your scalp is skin that can sometimes get itchy after a haircolor treatment. Some people are more sensitive then others. The sensitivity can occur from breakouts from redness from harsh sulfates which I’ve talked about in great depth on my blog

Check it out because it is truly informative. The multi-sensory experience is included in all of the shampoo’s, conditioners, masks for deep penetration of the conditioner into the inside of the cortex of the hair. The ribbon effect is combination of three polymers that are called the triple blend that gives a light weight feel to the hair. Revolutionary is all I can say  about this product line. The products contain Vitamin E so if you can’t take it on the inside you might as well as wear it on your hair. Orchid Reed is an extract that sooths and Apricot Kernal Oil is awesome on pre-lightened (bleached) hair. So if you can imagine the dry spots in your hair which we in the salon industry call porous or “pot holes” in the road of your hair, the products and ingredients will go inside the hair to fill in the dry spots that make it appear to  e smoother and heal the hair from the inside out.

One of the products in the line is called Enrich it loves to repair and protect dry damaged hair. It has silk extract in it which smoothes on the hair. Another product has Champagne extract in the Balance products which acts like a moisturizing agent that has powerful antiaging ingredients to fight free radicals (they are bad for you so we have to fight them for you) the ingredients will stimulate the scalp and calms down reactions from dyes and fragrance. You know who you are when you get itchy or red after a color service! Allantoin and Betaine is skin soothing agent that makes detergents and harsh sulfactes less harsh. Thank goodness for that right?

Lastly one of the products is called Age Restore for mature hair. Great something for us oldies but goodies. Shea butter which is a hot ingredient these days in just about everything will make the coarse hair more supple, silky and manageable. It has a cationic ployer liquid that forms into a crystalized structure that smoothes out the surface of the hair. In layman terms it fills in the bigger pot holes in the hair road and fills them in like a dump truck to create a smooth shiny surface. Stop in and try them out. They are located on 2801 E Market St, York, PA 17402.

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