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Hair extensions are the easiest way to add length

Today I had the pleasure of adding some hair to a special client that had a birthdaySalon York PA and wanted to do something for herself. I was really proud of her first of all to take time for herself because so many women will do for others and sacrifice themselves. There are years when you just have say this is “your name inserted” year. Doing things for yourself is not necessarily selfish.

Selfish is defined as knowing oneself and what oneself likes or dislikes. Very important distinction ladies. Doing for oneself can keep ourselves happy so that we can continue to give to others. I have a favorite saying “if momma ain’t happy nobody is happy”. If this means that I have to treat myself once in a great while that will allow me to take care of the rest of the needs in family, business, and whatever else may come along.

So back to my story. This client is an absolute pleasure and wanted to have longer hair. She had been trying to grow her hair for so long and it was just not happening. We chose some colors that would look best with her skin tone, decided on the appropriate length and style that we were aiming for. We can say that we achieved the look. She looked younger and she looked more stylish like the magazines. It was an exciting day for both of us. She left happy and with some styling tips so that she could maintain her new hair.

Choosing a style is super important so that the stylist can work with the look that you are seeking. I find that the long fantasy hair is fun and sexy to look at but when you have to go to work, it’s not so fun anymore because the length usually desired is down to the breast. Don’t ask my why but that is a popular length that doesn’t go with everyone. In addition, you have to be pretty decent with the curling iron, flat iron, and blow dry styling.

Keep in mind this is your real hair once they are in your head. We will replace them every 4 weeks to lift them up and you can keep the extensions as long as you choose to wear them with monthly maintenance. It only takes about 2 – 3 hours max and then have a haircut to create the look..

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