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Playing Hookie-A refresher course for the ultimate employee

Salon York PA When you were young did your mom or dad ever say “let’s play hookie” today? Mine did! Mom would call out of work, and she would call my school and let them know I’d be out for the day. Those were some of the best days because Mom and I would take a road trip somewhere, or go to the mall, or go out to eat, and just have a “girls’ day”.

Now that I’m older, I can’t have my Mom write my boss a note and let him know that I’m not going to be there. I can take matters into my own hands, however, and play “hookie”. I believe that “hookie” days are an absolute necessity when it comes to your overall job health. First, it does not mean you’re actually sick, but a mental break from the every day monotony is desperately needed–A refresher course in being the ultimate employee. Some days you just need a break-being away from your job, just for one day, is sometimes all you need to rejuvenate your attitude at work.

A “hookie” day could mean just sleeping in all day and doing absolutely nothing. Other hookie days could be driving to the beach for a day trip (this is better when you have a girlfriend who also needs a mental health day), a spa day, a shopping trip, or anything else that does not involve thinking about work.

Sometimes we  put everything we have into our positions at work, and do not take time for ourselves. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions are all focused on our job, and we need to take a day to refocus our energies. What your boss probably does not realize is that it’s beneficial for the business when you take a breather from your job. You’ll come back feeling happier, refreshed, and energized. You’ll most likely be a better, more efficient, employee when you take a mental health day every now and then.

So go on…play “hookie”, and revive yourself!

As always,

Live your life…Full Throttle!.

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