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How to: Spring Clean Your Life Part 3

We continue our lesson on how to Spring Clean our messy lives with Part
3…devoted to Spirituality.

Salon York PA Now some of you will argue there isn’t a God, but whether or not you believe in a Higher Power, we all possess a certain level of spirituality.  If your spiritual cup is below empty you may be off balance in the rest of your life. Often seen as a spiritual pathway, immaterial, and unearthly, spirituality is a part of each and every one of us. You know those days when you feel off kilter, grumpy for no reason, and just indifferent to the world? We need to spring clean our spirituality to avoid those situations. Once our “spiritual center” is grounded either by attending church, meditation, yoga, prayer, or fasting, our balance returns and our overall wellbeing is improved. Our balancing scales in life are leveled out and we have less indifferent days. We become better aware of ourselves and our part in this whole world. So, get in better touch with your spiritual self and clear out, and find your inner peace. You’ll benefit not just on the inside, but everyone on the outside will notice a clear change in your attitude and outlook on life.

we continue our life cleaning path in tomorrow’s last and final post: Part 4…spring cleaning your environment

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Live your life full throttle.

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