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Find out more about how your emotions play havoc with your skin

It’s not just skin deep. No way. It goes deeper than that when you are trying to manage your stress. For example, I’ve been going through some really stressful situations personally that I don’t talk about to anyone except me, myself and I.

As you problem do the same, I discovered that my skin was incredibly itchy and I couldn’t get a release on that itchy problem. It wasn’t dry skin, it wasn’t dehydrated because I drink enough water to fill a camel hump on a hot day. That sounded good didn’t it? Well, when you are trying to manage your stress day to day it is a critical component linked to the relationship between the emotions and teh skin. The prevention of chronic inflammatory skin conditions, and new research has shown that the neuropeptides released by the skin when someone is under stress not only can create inflammation that is localized (like my itchy patches) can potentially trigger acne, roseacea or psoriasis – but can also travel to the brain.  I’ve seen really bad psoriasis and believe me you do not want this condition. It’s hard to get rid of and it can travel all through your body. Adult acne is not fun and as adult women we take this harder than when we were younger.

According to the dermatologist Dr. Richard Fried, who presented the skin-stress link at the Academy of Dermatology’s Summer Academy, neuropeptides that reach the brain can increase the reuptake of such neurotransmitters as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. All of these chemicals that regulate our emotinos. Remember I had just been to the brain class last month that talked about the rush we get when we do something whether its bad or good such as eating a bag of Hershey Golden Nuggets gets the same dopamine rush as a hit of Heroine. The brain does not know the difference. The brain does what we tell it to do and will respond with “let’s keep your body happy” It will seek out the happiness and basically rinse and repeat the activity just to keep you happy. If only our guys were more like this but thats for another topic.

Again, we’ve got this huge Dopamine rush from our activity that maybe it wasn’t a happy experience that utlimately results in a vicious stress-skin-stress cycle. Unaddressed stress may also affect skin carrier function (that’s were we at Indulge Salon in York Pa come in) allowing internal and external irritants to exacerbate conditions. Dr. Fried believes that a combination of stress management techniques such as yoga, mediations, tai chi cognitive behavioral therapy and skin therapies is the best approach to combating both problems. I didn’t have to have a doctorate to know that. No offense, I speak to women every day and I’d like to add that most women do everything for their families and nothing for themselves. Nothing. I see women working so hard on a daily basis to cook, clean, working and trying to elevate themselves in their careers and manage the structure to raise decent citizens that can be self sufficient.

The bonus to giving to yourself means that this is YOUR TIME and you need to be a pinch selfish with YOUR TIME so that you can give again. It’s like you are a well and the well gets close to drying up unless you give back to yourself. Our skin care therapists are so good at what they do that you don’t need to want for anything. You are comforted by laying back on a cushy table, creams  and lotions that will remedy your skin and heal your emotions while you are in a private comfortable room. She spreads her fingers confidently over your face and neck easing the stress from your body. If this is stress management, then by golly girls it’s our time and it cost less than medication. You can even fall asleep if you like. If you snort, it’s ok where all girls. check out our facial treatments at
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