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Brazilian Balayage

Make your biggest entrance going back to school with these newest versions of highlights such as Ombré highlights that focus on the middle of the hair and gets lighter towards the ends. Celebrities have enjoyed this over the summer season.

Another version is the Brazilian Copacabana balayage highlights that we have introduced in the beginning of summer this year for 2012. These are done more in a contrast painted on with a special technique we learned from artisans. The balayage exhibits a natural look at the top of the head which means a more natural grow out process. No roots!

Lastly, the original French balayage technique was started in Paris. This method of painting on the highlights from top to bottom with a brush stroke give a natural sun kissed look that still looks like it grew out naturally without the regrowth. Imagine you are at the beach and the sun makes it look lighter on the top but you really can’t see where it starts and stops, this is what the original balayage technique looks like. We have various ways of doing this technique depending on the length and thickness of the hair.

Costs start at 175.00+ to give you a general idea. This is not like popping some foils in the head then you are good to go. Our staff has been trained by experts and have fine tuned this experience that can give you the look you want to stay up with the trends. Even if you are as trendy as you would like to be, you can still be stylish with your long hair and not have to worry about those pesky roots!  Go to our for a coupon for 25.00 off your first balayage treatment with us. Good until September 30th. Perfect for BACK TO SCHOOL beauty.


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