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What causes hair to fall out?

Excessive hair loss can be depressing especially when you comb your hair in the morning and see the hairs lingering behind in your comb or brush. I bet you are wondering how in the world has this happened? Am I not healthy? Is there a problem? Is there enough to donate to locks of love for cancer patients?

I personally thought this was interesting since I am going through this myself at age 47. I just had to reach over and do a quick calculation on my age. You think I would pay attention to this more but I really think age is not important until your hair starts to shed drastically like mine is right now. When I shower, I can see my long hair being washed down the drain along with the shampoo and conditioner. I see long hair that has been applied to the bathroom floor because when I blow dry my  hair and I am in a hurry, the hair blows everywhere and I don’t have time to clean it up asap because it’s still wet. I know it sounds gross but I do clean it up. I certainly cannot live in that enviroment either.

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Read on if your hair is falling out excessively

Back to my story. As I brush my hair with the special flatbrush that is made for longer hair, I visually see a new padding develop that is not the brush padding if you get my meaning. I am disgusted once again that this aging stuff is starting to happen. I see it with my clients in the salon. I give them great advice on their hair and forgot about my own. I learned that I have to take my own advice,too.

Typical falling out is normal when you brush or comb your hair. Naturally you will lose about 80-100 hairs per day. This is normal. Scalp hair grows in cycles, with each hair follicle undergoing 10-30 cycles in its lifetime. The cycles are comprised of three phases of growth:

  • Anagen or active phase, which can last two to eight years
  • Catagen, or transitional phase, which typically lasts four to six weeks
  • Telegen, or resting phase, which continues two to three months

Each follicle works on its own such as an independent person, while one is growing the other may be resting. Kind of like a couple in their day to day activities. One is taking out the trash while the other is sitting on the couch watching golf……..This keeps the same amount of hairs on the head which is approximately 100,000 on a healthy scalp. As dead hair is released, loss of about 80-100 hairs a day is normal. More than that you may be in hair trouble. for a coupon towards a hair treatment.


Alopecia is a medical term for hair loss, but there are many types under that heading. For instance, hereditary hair loss can result in a pattern of bald spots which is different from alopecia caused by medication or postpartum changes and definitely stress related. I can tell you from real experience with my customers, that stress changes the body and the cells inside to cope with the trauma going on in your life. The body will do what it has to do naturally to protect you and your insides. It works on auto pilot, however; if you are under some major stress this can overload your body’s protective powers and you might need some assistance in combating this stress until you get over it or through the events. Did you know that stress in the body can cause effects for three years. I learned this through one of my brides that I cared for years ago. She had alopecia areata which is hair that is lost in patches. We did a great job camoflaging her baldness for her wedding day, but can you imagine her trying to deal with this?

The type of hair loss a client experiences will dtermine the best treatment options. We start off with analyzing the scalp on a basic level at the salon. We check to see if there are any abrasions, we check to see if its just patchy, we ask questions such as diet related to proteins and we also check the emotional levels of our client by asking if they are going through some rough patches in their life. Hair is emotional because this is an accessory to our image and our looks are important to us and its the first thing we look at when we look at another person. Unless you are a dentist or work in the teeth field such as my sister, that is exactly what they zoom in on. Your teeth.

There is generally a trigger that sets off hair loss. If you have an event that was stressful in your life, the hair loss can start three months later. If the event has not stopped, the hair loss may result in a chronic situation such as hormonal changes like childbirth and menopause. The changes in your diet can really change your hair texture and the density of the hair. We have seen clients that went all out on a high protein diet which led to major weightloss but also resulted in LONG TERM hair loss that did not come back.

When someone is really stressed according to the Suddenly Slimmer Wellness Center and Day Spa in Phoenix, Spa director, Jeanie Marcelino says “they usually find high levels of metals such as copper and iron in the hair during higher stress levels.” I find this fascinating information due to the fact that we work with well water every day and treat the hair differently with well water products.

Now most of what I see is hormonal and when women start the pre-menopause stage it will take about 10 years to work through the system. That part of the aging process stinks and I say fight it all the way girls. Get yourself some KAVA KAVA at your local vitamin store to help yourself with those unnatural mood swings and pick up some Biotin supplement to help yourself start to relax and start growing some hair back. Is it a miracle? Nope. This is a supplement that you can add to your mix of vitamins in the morning and make sure you check with the doctor so you don’t have a conflict. Lastly check on your eating habits. If you aren’t eating and you aren’t feeding your body the healthy greens that you need along with the right amount of protein during your stressors, then get back to basics and start today.

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