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Louise Brooks “the bob” will be the hot trend for fall at Indulge Salon York PA

Louise Brooks “the bob”

Want to be awed? This haircut is so perfectly done at Indulge Salon of York PA. This Louise Brooks bob is perfect symmetry on the perfect face. Yes, it is shorter on the sides and can be customized for the face shape and cheeks.

the Louise Brook bob will bring out the biggest eyes you have ever looked upon. I used to do this haircut many years ago although it was never called the Louise Brook bob. It takes skill to make the back wedged up at the perfect slope to compliment the neckline and hairline. This shorter haircut is a classic and perfect the woman that enjoys classic lines in clothing, suits, dresses that aren’t frilly and the beautiful but classic button down french cut white blouse. What a look to strive for.

To top off this perfect haircut, we recommend either a classic dark brown for the fall or hues of crimson that intermingle with blue or plum to accent the creamy skin. One of my hero’s is Charlie Price that incorporated his collection in the beauty industry that produced this stunning look….

Call the salon for a consultation for yourself. We are well known for taking a look at your face shape, how you wear your hair for your lifestyle, and discuss what you like and do not like about your hair. Make sure that you bring some photos of what you like. Usually cut outs work great for us. We will discuss the color of your hair compared to your skin coloring and please realize that we will give you an opinion of what will look best. Thanks for considering us to be the salon for you. Call 717.846.4424 or 717.718.4465


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