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Underarm waxing – is it worth it?

Tired of shaving every single day?

Try underarm waxing.

AFTER underarm waxing

AFTER underarm waxing

If you have been shaving for 20 years, yes, one day is to much. Give underarm waxing a try. It’s quick, not painless but after the initial peeling off of the wax, it is so worth it. Haven’t shaved for 3 weeks and still looks great.

Underarm waxing BEFORE

BEFORE underarm waxing

I decided to go native for a few months. Native meaning not shaving for a few months. I let my underarms go native.  My hair doesn’t grow quickly but I have to be honest, I was getting a little uncomfortable with the length. I was cautious to not lift my arms up to far for fear that the longer hairs would dart out beneath the short sleeve.

I was told by Monica, our esthetician at our South George Street location,  that the hair only needs to be as long as a piece of rice. Preferably 3 weeks of growth. I visually understood that but mine was a pinch longer! If that is the case with you, she told me that she would trim it down to the right length. She makes it easy to understand and I felt totally comfortable with her approach. She looked at my underarm hairs, decided we could go with it in one shot. She sanitized, she applied the wax and gave it a rip! Wow……little more than pulling a bandaid off but truly, it was worth it. I said let’s get to the next one. I was done in less than 10 minutes. Love it and will do it again. Perfect timing for over lunch. Make sure you wear something loose fitting.

Feel free to make an appointment online at for your appointment for underarm waxing, body waxing, brazilian for both men and women, bikini and facial waxing.

As a side note before you actually wax, make sure you tell the front desk coordinator at Indulge Salon how long its been since you had been waxed in order to book you properly. If you are having your first time bikini or brazilian wax (front to back taking it all off) please tell them to allow some extra time.If you are booking onine, please book multiple waxing services.  If you decide to be brave by having your
tell them Kimberly sent you.

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