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Brazilian and bikini waxing is in full swing for summer 2017

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Brazilian and Bikini Waxing

Brazilian and Bikini Waxing

Indulge salon  is booking up for brazilian waxing, bikini, full body, and facial waxing at our South George Street location. Even under the arms! I had my done for the first time. I started off with the right underarm. I was a little embarassed since this was my first time. Initially the grow out was native for me. I didn’t dare wear short sleeves until I had them waxed.  The experience was awesome. The result was zero shaving for 3 weeks. I was hooked!

This summer has been the busiest with waxing services since we opened in 1992. We have brought on some new staff to meet your body waxing needs, facials for both men and women and chemical peels.

First time brazilian/bikini waxing? No worries, we got this!

If this is your first time, we will help you get comfortable by escorting you to a private room. Wear loose fitting clothes for your comfort for afterewards. All of your bits will be covered until needed. We have a numbing agent that can help your first time be more comfortable.  We will have you lie back on your back utilizing one leg at a time, then the other then the “down there” area. Brazilian waxing means removing all of the hair in the front to the back between the cheeks. Bikini waxing is just the bikini area leaving a landing strip or V shape. We have even done heart shapes for Valentine’s day!

Removing the waxing strip can be akin to a bandaid being pulled off. After the intial strip, you know what to expect. We always recommend a product called EPIL from Guinot that helps slow down the growth of the hair for home maintenance daily.

Our support staff is happy to answer any of your questions to help make you feel comfortable with the process. It’s clean, no double dipping the applicators into the wax. We dip it one time for each application to prevent bacteria from spreading and we like being sanitary. Brazilian/bikini waxing can last about 2 – 3 weeks depending on the start of your waxing experience. The amount of growth can depend when the hair was waxed originally, thereafter you will see how long you can go between waxing services. Eventually the hair will decrease in growth over a period of time. Read more about our waxing services here. 

Meet Monica. She has come on board with Indulge Salon a few months ago looking for a sense of adventure, being busy and meeting new people. She lives in Hanover with her kids.

Monica has previously worked with Massage Envy and About Faces in Baltimore, MD. we are pleased to have her join our team. When we first met she told me that she is usually busy and you know what? she is right. She helped created our new Skincation facial services for the summer called Maui, Tahiti and Tuscany $65 each. They are 30 minutes each and can be updated with the new Hydra Clean facial electrode that heats up to 119 degress that kills bacteria. She brings a professionalism to the salon that helps you feel comfortable if this has been your first time. Her personality is focused on getting results for you. She has the ability to adapt quickly if necessary.

Monica does natural nail manicures and pedicures when she isn’t bikini, brazilian waxing or facialing someone.

We have gotten so busy that we have to hire another esthetician! So look out for the nice changes that we will be making to the spa area.

New facials we have added to our roster of our Summer Series of skincare:

  • Pineapple facial is a delightful facial/peel – super infused with antioxidant support that is perfect for photo damaged skin. Has a pleasant pineapple aroma. Feelings of being transported to Hawaii while your skin is nourished – increased cell turnover – gentle exfoliating action of enzymes and yam extracts. Peoptides boost the skin’s cellular activity while the soothing effect of protein enriched milk cools the skin.   This treatment is excellent for active people that workout at the gym, outside quite a bit that has some damage from the sun. 50 minutes $125    book here
  • Antioxidant Ex-fusion facial is for dry, dehydrated skin types. Get ready for a brilliant luster exfoliation with antioxidants infused with essential moisture, nourishment and protection. Your skin will feel instantly firmer as important peptides and antioxidants tone, providing a cool relief from free radical damage. You might want to make arrangements for an evening out after this treatment because your skin will glow! Great for high school reunions, a date with your love, look refreshed quickly with the girls night out! 50 minutes $125 book here

Monica says learn how to use our Guinot Hydra Bronze to hydrate and tan for the summer. This product is extraordinary, it flies off the shelf because it solves some real problems. It’s a fact that self – tanning can be trickly. If you want to avoid streaks, sticky spots then try Hydra Bronze. This is the best gradual – self tanner, moisturizer lotion we’ve encountered that leaves your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Leaves a luminous, golden hue, while deeply moisturizing. Plus it’s easy to use. No more tanning salons. Call 717.846.4424 to hold one for you while supplies are available.

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