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Teenager suffering from acne breakouts?

Try the new Hydra Clean facial treatment coming June 10th

Hydra clean Facial Treatment

Hydra Clean Facial Treatment for teenagers

Stop acne breakouts. Hormonal skin from pregnancy or adult acne are excellent candidates for this cleansing facial.

The Hydra Clean facial treatment is perfect with any facial although the results are more dramatic for those that have congested skin. Congested meaning blackheads and whiteheads that are clustered together in patches around the nose, the creases of the nose that are so deep they are hard to remove with your human hands. No squeezing please!

Hydra Clean can be used in combination with chemical peels before the actual peel is performed. The Hydra Clean facial treatments is superperb for teenagers that are touching their skin all throughout the day. The fingers touch multiple bacteria ridden surfaces that bring more bacteria from their hands, fingernails and in general whatever they have touched will now be transferred to their skin. If the skin is oily this is like a magnet for oily skin.

The treatment includes cleansing, massage, exfoliation, our Hydra Clean thermoclean electrode that heats up from 110 degrees – 119 degrees prompting warming of the skin to allow the dirt to be exposed and removed. The temperature can be adjusted to your level of warmth that is comfortable for you. We can assist with surface extractions manually or with a tool for those stubborn areas. With Acneic or Cystic skin, we will not attempt to extract these because they are under the skin. Please consult your dermatologist for this level of care.

Hydra Clean facial kills bacteria for a result that improves skin

We can add our Hydra Clean electrode process to any of our facial treatments to help bring blackheads or congested white heads to the surface but the underneath extractions should be done by a licensed Dermatologist in that field. Ultimately, this is a better way and more gentle on the actual skin to prevent damage or scarring from squeezing, pushing relentlessly. After extractions, masque we follow up with cooling the skin down with the appropriate skin care regime that will be recommended for at home maintenance.

The Hydra Clean facial treatment is excellent for chest and backs that have breakouts from nerves or basic acne. The cleansing gels that we use are antimicrobial, hydrating and soap free. These specific gels allow our Hydra Clean electrode to glide along the skin easily.

Need a quick cleanup facial before your wedding? Indulge Salon of York Pa suggests a week before you get married, the Hydra Clean will help the skin come to a glow, kill bacteria and hydrate the skin before saying “I do.”

Book online here or call 717.846.4424. We have packages from the 30 min Hydra Clean express $75 each or purchase 3 for your teen for $175 (save $50) and for the Hydra Clean Deep cleansing facial for $125.00 Available  June 10, 2017.  Call to reserve your time today.

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