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3 ways to manage thick coarse frizzy hair|Indulge Salon York Pa

Seeking ways to tame your thick coarse frizzy hair?

Thick hair is treated differently than coarse frizzy hair. If you have both better call the salon quickly! We have solutions.

  1. Try a Brazilian blowout keratin treatment designed to debulk the thickness by smoothing the cuticles down. (outside layer of the hair) brazilian blowout keratin will fills in the dry areas of the hai.  Our specialized technique can keep volume at the scalp while taming down the frizzy coarse hair while debulking it. To learn more go to here

With the many shampoo’s, conditioners, masques and serums claiming to reduce coarse frizzy hair don’t always work. Hair is rebelling against you as soon as you walk out the door in the humidity says Rose R. from York, Pa says, “you would think I didn’t even do my hair!”

As a stylist for 26 years at Indulge Salon of York, Pa and Greensboro, GA I hear these same concerns every day when I talk to  clients that have coarse dry frizzy hair.  These are valid concerns for the woman or man that needs to save time in their day and end the struggles of frizzy hair which is embarrasing in a professional work environment. The distraction of wondering how their hair looks amongst colleagues is disconcerting when the need to focus on their presentation or the conversation between them and their clients. Or the fact that their hair is so “big” they want to tame it down.

With the newest technology evolving into natural ingredients have been a big concern for the health of the hair.  Organic ingredients that were once in just skin care are now accessible to the hair care industry. Clients with thick coarse frizzy hair  have products that:

  • reduce their blow dry time from 30 minutes to 10 min
  • reduce the bulk of their hair
  • managing the product ingredients contribute to improving it.
  • services are transformative and life changing! To read about the other 2 ways to manage your thick coarse frizzty hair click here2. Experience a french haircut that creates the perfect shape designed to manage the bulk of your hair as it grows out. Instead of getting bigger it still holds it shape.  The haircut will assist in a blowdry finish that is quicker and more efficient.

3. Have your hair colored with a non ammonia, semi permanent or demi permanent color from a professional at Indulge Salon. We can customize the color for a gentle effect that soothes the hair. It will improve hair texture immediately.

Working with a professional hairstylist will give you guidance on the appropriate hair color brand that can heal, soften, fill-in, and start to remedy the thick coarse frizzy hair. This alone is a good start to your road to smooth silky hair.

Bonus tip: 

Indulge Salon York, Pa, Indulge Salon Greensboro, GA

Wella Oil Reflections Mask

When you work with one of our professionals at any of our Indulge locations, we can help you choose the right products for your hair to help move you out of this stage you are in. It is not your fault that your hair is this way. With a proper consultation, we can identify some of the reasons that your hair may be coarse frizzy and unmanageable and then choose the strategy to move forward.

We use the Wella Oil Reflections Mask to help soften and heal coarse frizzy hair. The hair will have fluidity (movement) after we use this product on mid length and ends. It smells sexy, feels luxurious in the hair. Plus it will feel lightweight not heavy or greasy.

Here is what one of our customers from Greensboro, GA Lake Oconee says:

Indulge Salon Greensboro GA, wanted smooth manageable hair

Maggie K, Greensboro, GA

I chose to try out Indulge Salon because of a reference from another business owner.
I am choosing to stay with Indulge Salon because I now have healthy, smooth hair that I can maintain between visits.

Kimberly uses high quality products that address a long list of hair problems for me: frizzy, wavy, course, damaged hair that needs regular color to cover the gray. But most importantly, Kimberly has the experience and deep professional knowledge to know instantly which products to use for the best possible outcomes. See proof in the photos. Read about Maggie’s story here     

Coarse dry frizzy hair gone!

hair straighening with Brazilian blowout Keratin treatment

thick coarse frizzy hair

Maggie K. started with thick coarse hair when she came to Indulge Salon, Greensboro, GA. Now its smooth and defrizzed.

Maggie Kjer, PhD
Pearson Clinical Assessments
Regional Manager, SE/SW
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