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2.5 years ago, my hair was thinning to the point I was concerned that my hair wouldn’t grow back. Due to the amount of stress I was undergoing from personal setbacks, my hair was taking the brunt of it. It was fine, thin and just hung on my neck looking stringy. Of course I was using Biotin but it wasn’t enough. I was getting more stressed by seeing the hair […]

My hair has grown back thicker, fuller and longer It was over a year now that I have experienced my hair shedding into the brush, the floor of the bathroom, the shower and onto my clothes. I would feel a wisp of hair on my arm while I was working at the computer only to discover it was my HAIR shedding. I knew there had to be a solution or […]

[hana-flv-player video=”” width=”400″ height=”270″ description=”EIMI hairstyling products ” player=”5″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” /] Check out this inspirational video from Wella introducing the EIMI product line. The influencers from top bloggers, trends and the cities the artists from Wella traveled into to work with the location. Revolutionary products that create volume, texture for fine flat hair that evolves into volumous shiny hair. Start off with some EIMI Root Spray to […]

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Very light colors can trick the eye into thinking it’s seeing scalp. Who knew?!!! this illusion can actually make your hair look thinner. Dark hair won’t do you any favors either because the contrast can show up quicker with the tiniest bit of regrowth around the front of the hairline. The best shades are multi-dimensional highlights and lowlights with a base color of a medium to lighter brown or dark […]

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If you have ever felt that your hair “seemed” thinner than usual, you may be right. Here are some culprits: 1. Women can have breakage or hair loss caused by over doing the chemical treatments such as over highlighting on the same strands. Those women that do it themselves, you know who you are, over lap the color over previous color treated hair. This will cause the hair to weaken […]

Based on our years of working with a variety of conditioners  not all are created equal nor are they all beneficial to the health of your hair. I have been in this industry over 26 years and have seen products come and go. These newest products that are salon purchased truly are the best due to the commitment from our salonI professionals that specialize in creating superior solution oriented conditioners […]

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