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Why is my hair feeling thin? Indulge Salon, York Pa responds

If you have ever felt that your hair “seemed” thinner than usual, you may be right. Here are some culprits:

1. Women can have breakage or hair loss caused by over doing the chemical treatments such as over highlighting on the same strands. Those women that do it themselves, you know who you are, over lap the color over previous color treated hair. This will cause the hair to weaken and break off eventually in parts of the hair. We recommend deep conditioning your hair with a protein mask for strength or deep moisturizing treatment to keep the hair moisturized and flexible. Pureology Strength Cure deep conditioning is perfect for you.

2. Abuse from the flat irons, curling irons, tongs that are to hot for fine and overly c olored hair could potentially cause breakage. At Indulge Salon, we provide thorough consultations to remedy the over doing it and teach our clients how to properlt use a spray such as Wella Sebastian Trilliant that is sprayed on prior to flat ironing the hair to protect the actual hair fiber. This helps prevent anymore breakage.

3. Health conditions such as Anemoia or Thyroid problems can wreak havoc on the inside of the body and as a result the hair will start to thin. You will notice strands in the strainer at the bottom of the tub or shower. Stress and hormonal shifts like after the baby is born is a normal to lose 80 to 100 hairs a day. Your body is trying to get back to normal with the shedding.  Make an appointment with your General Practitioner to have your blood levels checked.

4. Combing hair when wet. the hair fiber stretches and when its weak it will snap.  Try not to comb from the scalp down. We recommend combing from the ends towards the scalp to detangle the hair. Before combing use a detangler such as 21 benefits spray by Pureology. This has 21 actual ingredients that detangle, provide nutrients and help protect the hair color from fading.

Since your hair is thinning or breaking off or your body has turned against you with crazy hormone imbalances, we recommend to start to fatten your hair. One of the highest recommendations is to take Biotin supplement for starter. Check with your doctor first however; we have not heard nor experienced and contradictive side effects taking this with other medication, here are the best practices.  We have seen some great improvements in nails, hair and skin when our clients start to take this supplement. You can pick this up at any nutrient store. Start with 1 in the morning and you can take it at lunch and dinner. It does not stay in your body therefore your body will take what it needs and then its done.

Suggestions on foods: eat more green vegetables, spinach, tomatoes, kale, eggs for protein or protein shakes.

Keep your hair super clean. Do a double shampoo with a cleansing shampoo. The first shampoo cleanses the scalp and moves the dirt from the scalp. The 2nd shampoo is what really cleanses the scalp and hair moving the dirt away by rinsing it. “like your facial skin, scalp tissue holds a lot of bacteria, and when combined with oil, it xan weigh down the hair and impede healthy growth from your follicles over time,” says Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips, a trichologist at the Philip Kinglsley Clinic in New York City. Only apply conditioner from mid – shaft to ends to comb and detangle.

Thinning hair

Is your hair thinning?

The newest powders that absorb oils allowing you to go 3 days without shampooing can clog pores. Any thickening sprays are awesome but they are like puffer jackets giving the illusion of bulk. those of us with fine hair really appreciate the bulk. I personally have to gather all of my hair into a pony tail to make it look like I might have thicker hair. All of those types of products contain polyers (waxes) that coat the hair.

We highly recommend a single process color to start for fine hair to thicken from the inside out. I actually do this to my hair to thicken it and then I highlight my hair in the areas that I need it to enhance my facial features. When this is done professionally, the results are outstanding visually and you will have more confidence pulling yourself together. We also will recommend the right products for your hair type and we access the goals to move towards super healthy hair. Contrary to popular belief, to much protein can break the hair. When the hair feels stiff and dry, this would be a good guide to drop back from using the protein enriched shampoo but to switch quickly to moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for temporary relief. If you aren’t sure which to use for your hair type and situation, contact us at 717.846.4424. Any of our stylists are highly trained in the correct usage and recommendations for hair types.

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