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Hair has grown thicker, fuller and longer – learn how

My hair has grown back thicker, fuller and longer

shedding, thinning hair

kimberly acworth Zenagen hair growing shampoo

solution for hair loss, fuller thicker hair after 6 months

It was over a year now that I have experienced my hair shedding into the brush, the floor of the bathroom, the shower and onto my clothes. I would feel a wisp of hair on my arm while I was working at the computer only to discover it was my HAIR shedding. I knew there had to be a solution or I was trending toward a balding head!

Hello, my name is Kimberly Acworth, owner of Indulge Salon York Pa. I have been in the hair industry as a stylist, owner for over 26 years. I deal with these situations all of the time where I see clients come in with thinning hair and I’m supposed to give them options which I do. Yet, here I was with the problem myself. I would pull my hair up only to see the strands that were fly away. Where did my hair go? It was there yesterday or so I thought.

As you can see to the left, my hair has grown in over the past 8 months. I just recently had 4 inches cut off my hair. I feel like a chia pet. It has gotten heavier over the months on the ends which I wasn’t familiar with. While in the shower doing my hair growing shampoo treatment, I would pull my hair up to rinse then let it fall, it would slap me on the back. I just didn’t like the feel of that plus it was getting to heavy. I felt like I was trying to hard for my age. What a neat experience to say that I finally have the hair that I’ve dreamed of having. Long past my bra. It has maintained its shine and thickness.

Here’s what I’ve done since starting to use this hair growing shampoo treatment. I wet my hair, shampooed it and left the shampoo treatment on 5 minutes. I was faithful to the process. Rinsed it but I did use conditioner to keep the integrity of the product line plus I had to be able to comb through my hair. You see, I have naturally curly frizzy cranky hair around the hairline. While the hair was growing back in, those short curly pieces that were not confoming  would get caught in my glasses and tear!

My hair had started to thicken up within the first shampoo I loved how my hair FELT. the second week, I loved shampooing my hair plus I found that my clients said the same thing I did! I wasn’t use to having fuller thicker hair but I loved it. My clients were starting to compliment my hair that it was shiny.

As I started to here the same thing every day that my hair was fuller thicker and shiny, I felt more confident about leaving it down around my shoulders. My ends were pretty healthy now as opposed to looking like the broom that has bit sitting on its side for the past 10 years splayed out. I know that sounded dramatic but the truth is the truth.

I used this hair growing treatment every single day to make sure that if my clients used it every day that they would have the same or similar experience. More hair.

Do I have to change my eating habits?

Recently, my daughter, Alex Crawford were attending an advanced skin care class at Bachelors Gulch, Colorado. Great place if you want to take your spouse to a get a way

CollagenBlu to help hair grow fuller thicker longer

. It is out there in the mountains. Perfect for what we were attending. Very holistic and calm. Anyway, my point is that we learned that Glycation can age your body. glycation is the process of burning your food such as searing a steak (yum) or singeing your hot dogs (yum). this will age your skin, your body and hair skin and nails is all keratin and cells. This was a total bummer but I thought you should be in the know with this sort of information. the more you can help yourself, the better you your will be fuller, thicker and shiny. All of the cells have a role to


play 100% of the time without your knowing about it all day and the body needs the rest at night to gear up to do its magic.

Sleep, eating your greens such as Kale, spinach, green beans, fruit and vegetables in a balanced way help assist in the health of your hair skin and nails.

I also added CollagenBlu. CollagenBlu is a natural marine supplement that I take every single day for 6 months. The best results are in 90 days where you will start to see your nails get harder. Mine did and so did my daughter’s nails. It doesn’t taste like anything. It’s a powder form in a stick as you can see in the packing. It helps with joints when you vigorously work out, after surgery, before surgery to strengthen bones, cartilage plus the best side affect of taking this marine form of collagen helps grow hair. My hair grow like wild fire after I added this to my regime. Every single day, this packet of Collagenblu gets poured into my smoothie (the greens and fruits all together) give it a blur then drink up. I don’t like to think about this kind of stuff to much but since I know the company is ethical because both of the mother’s that started this are healthy organic mom’s that believe that the marketplace needed a healthy product like it.

CollagenBlu has helped many of my clients lose weight, grow hair fuller thicker and longer. It has the benefit of Vitamin C found in the Acerola Cherry. Good for us women over 40 because we need the Vitamin C for our bodies. Can be taken 2x per day if needed.

Do I style with any products other than the hair growing shampoo that makes my hair fuller thicker longer? the answer is a resounding YES. I used a thickening hair spray that goes on wet to style my hair with. I was very happy with the products. Minimal products to use. We can always go over each of these either over the phone, send your current pictures close up preferred to [email protected].

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