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Quilting isn’t for just old ladies! When I was a little girl, we used to drive to the farm my grandmother lived for years. This farm and spending time with her was one of my favorite things to do. We would go for walks in the woods, explore in the gardens and sit on the back porch and talk. During those times, she would teach me how to knit, sew, […]

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Read the Beach Ready check list for a successful launch into summer. Summer is around the corner. It’s time to pull out the old bathing suit to see if it still looks as good as it did last summer. I’m sure it does. We have a couple of items that might need to be checked off your list: Time for Balayage highlights? Click here for more info. Ready for your […]

Did you get your celebrity eyelash extensions yet? Eyelash extensions are the rage right now gracing the celebrity magazines, to the run ways, to good ole’ York County, Pa. We want our lashes to look that good without mascara, without having to take our make up off at night. This is one of the secrets to looking younger. Eyelash extensions that look like you are a celebrity. Fuller, thicker lashes […]

Spring Trends for hair 2016! I’m so ready to be rid of the hats, gloves, winter coats and layers of clothes. Secretly, I still love my turtlenecks. They make me feel skinny even if I’m not. Fine hair goes flat as soon as I flick off my hat from snow shoeing. It’s good nobody is looking for a fashion show material when I pull that off! I digress. Spring is […]

Open House at Indulge Salon today December 2, 2015 from 2 p.m – 9 p.m. Experience the NEW EIMI hair products that solve your hair styling problems without feeling like you have product in your hair. Like many of us,  you walk into big box store such as Ulta, Giant, Walgreens, or any other store that sells hair products hoping to find what you want.  You just dont’ know what you are […]

Pick up your GrandeLash food at Indulge Salon, York Pa on South George Street. This amazing product has no side effects like some other products. GrandeLash is engineered with vitamins, peptides and amino acids, plus conditioning ingredients to promote shine lush and  and longer looking lashes and brows.Its the perfect time to have an exclusive eyelash/brow conditioner that’s flying off the shelves of salons and spas across the globe and […]

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Eyelashes are usually short and stubby or we’ve lost them as we have aged. Unfortunately, some women have lost them all together due to health related issues. We are happy to let you know that have can have an alternative to those of you with shorty lashes that you can’t seem to find to even put mascara onto make them look longer and lush. With our individual lash extensions, we […]

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