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Top spring hair trends for 2016

Spring Trends for hair 2016!

I’m so ready to be rid of the hats, gloves, winter coats and layers of clothes. Secretly, I still love my turtlenecks. They make me feel skinny even if I’m not. Fine hair goes flat as soon as I flick off my hat from snow shoeing. It’s good nobody is looking for a fashion show material when I pull that off! I digress.

Spring is starting to emerge with 1970’s bellbottoms, sequined tops, and ooh baby the iconic 70’s hair styles are booming. Peek-a-boo bangs, pretty pastels and cool curves add instant girlie appeal according to Hairshow Magazine. I agree. Let’s keep our looks customized to our individuality though. Never lose sight of YOU.

Let’s prepare with getting your hair in shape with hair masks to moisturize, hydrate to keep your hair looking shiny. If its dull, try one of our facials for the scalp and hair. Truly, your hair and scalp will feel refreshed. We follow it with an amazing massage then neutrualize the scalp leaving your hair feeling lighter and cleaner without the weight of heavy oils.

Split ends beware! Those little nasty bits on the ends of your hair that get tangled in the coat, frizzed up from the pillow case need attention if you still want to keep your long hair without having 2″ taken off the ends. Try the Brazilian Blowout Acai Masque! Its the best in the industry giving the ends strength. If you need something to last longer, set up a split end treatment at the salon. Only 45.00 to save your ends. They are sealed and you are good to go in 10 minutes with happy hair to go.

Bang Bangs are in. Let’s see you can choose from CURTAIN BANGS that Michelle Willimans is sporting. You need to have a wide enough forehead for that. The fringe is long and taperd adn styled to either side of the center part. If you can’t swing a center part like most of us, then just shift it slightly to a side. Partner this with a mid length style just at the shoulders and you are all set for spring. I highly recommend a beautiful dimensional blonde on blonde tones to set yourself apart from your dormant winter friends. Image result for asymmetrical bob

Not ready for super change or transformation? Ok, let’s tweak your LOB, or BOB by curling with curling iron or soft beach waves. We recommend some of our favorite thickners or texturizers such as EIMI BODY CRAFTER SPRAY that gives you the feeling you are at the beach with some thickness. Spray on wet or dry and scrunch. No need to be neat and tidy. Let loose! The other fave of mine is the EIMI RUGGED TEXTURE GRIP. Oh my gosh, this unique product is thick, comes out of a tube, applied directly to the scalp only in the areas that you need serious volume. Feels grippy weird but when you start to dry it feels like nothing is in your hair. I know, call me crazy but this stuff works like a champion for fine thin hair. Curl iron 1/2 way let cool then add some twists to it. Baby you are ready for your day.

Feeling asymetrical? Ok, if you are going to do this then you better have a longer face to offset the uneven sides with some volume to the sides of your head. I must say if you are going to go bold, you need to make sure this cropped cut with the volume sitting perfectly at the top with bold highlights or lowlights that sit in the right place bringing those big eyes out. Either you go soft with the makeup or step up the lips with the most gorgeous red you can find. Anything less says you are a coward with your look. Go bold or go home we say. If you feel you are ready to sport your new look with confidence and you know you deserve the best cut for your faceshape and lifestyle, you need to call us at Indulge Salon. Check out the locations here.

Let’s not leave out our super eyelash extensions. It’s time if you haven’t done it, what are you waiting for? No more mascara, no more feeling insecure how small your eyes may look. A little bit of lash on the corners and boom mesmerizing eyes! Call 717.846.4424 today to grab your appointment. I know we have a few appointments left this week  because they are so popular since our celebs are wearing them every day.

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