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Professional consultations are key to successful results|Indulge Salon

Getting the results you want from your salon depend on the skilled experience of the professional hairstylist and how well they actually “listen” to what you want.

Time and time again, I hear from clients that come to Indulge Salon, York, Pa that “my stylist” didn’t listen to what I wanted and they gave me what they wanted. Look I know we as professionals aren’t perfect but since this is our career, it might be a great idea to really listen to what our clients want from their hair.

As a client, one thing that can create havoc in a consultation can be the variables that occur at a consultation. Here a few:

  1. the client used Feria (yikes, loaded with metallic dyes) box color that can cause havoc for professionals to remove. Learn more about color correction here 
  2. letting hair grow out a few inches along with patchy ends that are uneven expected a fix for $20
  3. not allowing enough time in their personal schedule to have it fixed
  4. bringing enough money for maybe a few highlights vs a hair color correction
  5. choices between double processing (lifting with bleach and then toning), highlight blonding (1 step blonding), and removing aritifical hair color then having to safely deposit color on top of it.

This is some of the challenges we face every day on trying to give you our clients the best and most safe options available on the market. Facts still remain, as a professional, we have gone to a professional school, attended advanced education or specialized education for years in order to give you what you want. Other things to consider when you come in for a consultation is to wear the colors that you normally wear to work. This is super important because we take a look at your skin tone, your lifestyle and your face shape. If you wear makeup light or heavy, then wear your makeup how you normally wear it on any given day. Bring photos from pinterest, or magazines or favorite pics you may love when you look at yourself. These factors are so important.

Lastly, think about your beauty budget. How much can you spend to fix your hair today? How much have you allocated for four weeks from now? If you cannot afford the original estimate, then you will be given options to work with your beauty budget to gradually goal set to hit your end result in a few works or months. When color correcting, we will give you a time parameter based on the facts that we have to work with. Could take 20 minutes to hours depending on what we are working with on your hair.

However; you feel about your hair, our professionals at Indulge Salon will take the best care of your hair, skin and nails and ensure you feel comfortable with your new look and its maintenance. Call 717.846.4424 or check out one of our locations here.

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