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Male waxing is increasing in popularity because it’s not just a female thing

Remember the movie “The 40-Year-Year-Old Virgin”, with Steve Carell  howling when the esthetician ripped off the strip with mounds of hair attached to it?

The new age male has embraced his image and his lack of enthusiasm for all of the hair that continues to expand on their bodies. The new age male really has a great desire for a smooth body that shows the rippling of his abs as he struts his stuff on the beach or the pool watching over his children. I had to say it! Our new males are dads, entrepreneurs, lawyers, bankers, mechanics, postman, and the ultimate husband with a new self image. The reason I know this is because men really express their concerns with hair growing out of their ears, their noses and in places that they just don’t like to pay attention to on a daily basis.

If your male parts are overwhelmed with hair that is out of control, it wouldn’t be unnatural to call Indulge Salon of York PA to have the esthetician provide an assessment to wax all of those areas for a clean appearance and less to manage. She does this all of the time and is an expert at it. For the creepy’s, this is not the place for you. We are a professional establishment that provides hair removal services and good advice to help our males maintain their grooming experience. If you even think for one minute to try a maneuver other than having a professional hair removal service, you will be removed immediately. Now that we have that cleared up, let’s get back to why you chose to read my blog on this topic.

Some men find it uncomfortable to ask questions about how to manage their man grooming, however; this is what we do at Indulge Salon on S. George Street, York PA. We specialize in handling these curious questions and take the uncomfortable out of the situation and have a good discussion on what their options are for the amount of hair to remove say on the back, chest, arms, legs and of course the private areas that need managed. We are not the blush type of staff. We are here to educate and provide sources and answers to your questions.  We are now facing the David Beckhams to the well built males of “Jersey Shore” that are perfectly groomed male celebrities. It’s the new masculinity era.

With so many men concerned about their overall look it should come as no surprise that waxing for men has increased. Policemen are highly concerned more than other professional industries. I know, surprising isn’t it? Professional men want to experiment with treatments below the belt with a salon that they trust. They prefer confidentiality of their needs and wants for a clean appearance. The seem to want to have a cleaner appearance to be beach ready. Awareness around the grooming for the body has certainly increased this past year. The single and younger male expects to have their eyebrows groomed and shaped every 3-4 weeks, especially if they have fast growing hair that grows into a unibrow. Brow waxing has grown for all age groups. go to

Overall, less hair can ENHANCE the shape and size of him. So why not? We also give some products to help stunt the hair growth after the Male Brazilian is complete. These products will reduce shaving irritation, and help manage the long term maintenance of their newly waxed skin and also prevent ingrown hairs. We use a variety of waxes such as hard wax which happens to be more gentle on sensitive skin or if it is the first time being waxed. Pricing will run from $80 – $125.00+ depending on the areas being waxed in hair density. Obviously, the more hair per square inch the more wax and skill is needed to make the hair heed to being removed. The courser the hair will require a different type of wax. Its not just about slathering on wax and ripping off the strip but the artistry required to bring shape and an expert to the table for a superb result. Bring along some reading material, some strong alcohol if you need and get ready for a clean and NEW You. She will appreciate the experience.

To book an appointment, call the phone number below. We will charge you 100% of the service charge since we have people waiting to have their service. WE are a busy salon with clients that are appreciative of their time and ours. If you do not show up, we will most likely not try to fit you in for another appointment. We operate on respect.

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