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Kimberly’s flight experience from Atlanta, Georgia

As you know from my previous blog regarding the type of passengers that usually end up beside me or around me, they have gaseous output that can make me have an unpleasant experience in my travels. Let me share today’s experience with you……

I have this thing that happens to me when I travel that compels me to look at everyone’s hair or how they look because it’s my job to know fashion and what is going on out there in the world. Let me tell you IT AINT GONE ON! for a York County response. I haven’t seen so many ungroomed, messy, smelly and unpolished individuals that ranged from 30 – 50’s. It was gross and down right disturbing that people walk around this way with an unkempt appearance. Roots showing from hair color is over the top for this girl. I mean when I have to look twice then you know this is a problem. The wrong hair color for the skin tone. Some of the people had fallen victim to whomever called themselves a stylist. What a shame. Although, I will give some kudos to the dark skinned beauty that had a sea foam green fabulous stylist dress with minimal accessories. Her hair was dark and poofed out and on her it looked great. She herself was well groomed and I chose to sit beside her while I waited for the plane to show up. That is another story for another day. I’m telling you me and traveling just don’t hit it off like trying to figure out nursing schedules. Just doesn’t happen. So America, we have some work to do on a polished image. I don’t want to hear how you have to get up early and catch your plane! There is absolutely no excuse for those outfits that ended up on your body. Try planning ahead, try putting some effort into a makeup application that looks appealing and for goodness sake where clothes that fit appropriately. I have seen more than enough if you know what I mean. Even if you think you look like the girls in the magazine and believe me I do agree with a strong self image but WOW! Shazamazoo.. Rethink the outfit and it’s ok to comb the hair. Really.

On a positive approach here to this experience, I flew into Atlanta Georgia to perform a workshop with our good manager, Shane. check out his bio on He is very experienced with formulations of color and has a funny sense of humor. Anyway, he had a model that was so pretty and professional and dare I say well groomed. Yes, she had the image of a professional. I’m going to give a shout out to my new friend Allison. She came in with some brown hair and left with a Cococaba French Balayage technique that places the highlights from the middle of the hair to the ends of the hair. The appearance is very natural looking. Then we toned her hair to a soft caramel look and Shane gave her a super haircut. Look for Allison on our facebook page under IndulgeSalon. She was a pleasure to talk with and she actually had something to say.  Thanks Allison!

To wrap up this tale, I am very pleased that my co captains of the ride did not exhibit and expel natural gaseous toxins and both were very well groomed and polished individuals. This was a wonderful ending to my day. Thank s to all.

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