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Waxing baby belly, is it ok for my baby?

Want to try waxing your baby belly but not sure? Read on..

After result of armpit waxing

After armpit waxing 1st time

Not sure about waxing your baby belly mom-to-be? Want to have a brazilian “down” there but not sure? We have the solutions to give you confidence “down there” and protect your baby belly while being sanitary for a safe entry for your baby.

Many mom’s-to-be want to have their entire body waxed prior to 28 weeks because they are uncomfortable moving around to shave or to reach their private bits. Armpits, legs, brazilian, bikini, facial hair can be daunting when pregnant because the hormones are leveled high in testosterone. Where to go? Indulge Salon York Pa of course.

Is waxing my baby belly safe for baby?

We have been waxing for years with the best waxing products available on the market along with the best techniques. Not all baby belly’s are created equal meaning not every mom-to-be has zero hair on their belly. Many women of ethnic backgrounds have more testosterone during pregnancy. The hair grows crazy over the belly down the mother’s line and of course “down there”. We have specialists that wax baby belly’s that are sanitary and comfortable for moms-to-be. Baby is not affected, the wax is not hot but comfortable and soothing. We aren’t pushing hard on the baby belly, we are gently moving and gliding the wax or strip in the direction is has to go.  Sort of fun if you can imagine it that way. We apply with a spatula type of stick then let it cool and peel off. Other types for those pesky hairs that don’t want to be removed because they are textured and coarse will have to be removed with a strip wax. The strip wax is applied and not cooled but a waxing strip is applied then peeled off. This is brisker but the baby might like all that activity. the baby belly may move around as we work the baby belly. Afterwards we massage your baby belly which feels really good and relaxing. It’s not a long massage however; we remove the excess wax if there is any and just relax you and baby.

Our private room is designed for private conversations around brazilian waxing which I am a fan of because we have to talk about private areas and how the different type of waxes work and how we wax you and your baby belly. We have a variety that are smooth and conditioning, we have other types of waxes that are hard wax that peels off by itself yet it won’t pull on the skin just the hair pulling those stubborn hairs out that need to come out. If you know how you feel with hair that is running rampant over your body then you know what I’m talking about. Your skin is stretched so far out in front with your baby belly you can’t see to shave with the razor any longer and the field has been left go. We have to pull those wild weeds to make it safe for your baby to enter this world. Safely.

Can you wax other parts of my body like my nipples that are hairy?

This is Kimberly, owner of Indulge Salons York, Pa. I have been waxing moms-to-be to help them feel safe and cleaned up before going into delivery with their babies. These moms-to-be do not like being bedraggled with un-groomed hairs that need to have managed. We can wax your underarms, your chest, nipples, baby belly, buttocks, legs, arms, back neck and face. Did I miss anything? Hair free mom-to-be! This process may take a few hours depending on how much you need done but rest assured you can potty any time you like and we will keep you hydrated during the process.

You see, the razor causes small hairline cuts into the skin therefore; could cause intestinal problems, ingrown hairs, unsanitary problems for the baby if the razor was old and sitting in the shower. I have many Dr’s that are clients in our salon that talk about many of the issues that we just talked about here. Ladies and moms-to-be, be so careful before you deliver your baby. No need to take the chance of giving your baby a bacterial infection when this can be prevented. We can do a brazilian  1 – 2 weeks before you deliver giving you a clean under carriage from front to back. Moms-to-be don’t have worry about the nurse attending shaving you, you don’t have to worry about bacteria or hairline cuts on the labia and you can feel confident you are good to go for about 4 weeks till you need to go back in for maintenance again. Believe me, we would love to see your baby and you healthy.

Think about this the next time you shave with that old razor. We also have vegan Oatmeal soap that is made with goats milk and is more of a gentler soap preferred over harsh chemicals in the soaps bought in grocery or drug stores. We know what is in our soaps and lotions bars that are healthy, prevent ingrown hairs and moisturize the skin.

If your skin has gotten so much dryer during your pregnancy, try the Indulge Pure Originals lotion bar that is designed for a woman’s hand to glide over her baby belly. 

Use in the shower after washing with the Indulge Pure Originals soap, apply while wet (in the shower) hold under the warm water and glide over your baby belly. You will love the feeling and this lotion bar can be used on your entire body. Remember to pat dry not rub off your lotion that you just applied. Turn off the water and be careful stepping out of the shower mom-to-be. If interested go here.

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