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Highlighted hair breaks off – how can I grow my hair back?

Hair broken off from over highlightening, over bleached,

Broken off hair replenished

over processing?

Call Indulge Salon immediately, schedule an appointment for a hair and scalp evaluation to make sure we can provide options for you.  Over processed  bleaching can burn hair off but can cause damage at the scalp causing open wounds that “weep”. We will suggest options such as appropriate conditioning treatments, a new haircut to trim off the burnt ends, consider shampoo for hair growth, supplements, and natural hair extensions to fill in the gaps for fuller looking hair if necessary.

Hair breakage can be devastating to the person that has experienced this situation. Emotionally this can be self deflating if you have been growing your hair out for years then all of a sudden the hair is short with uneven spots or worse dried out like a broom. Self confidence  can be diminished thinking that other’s are looking at you even when they may not be. Growing your hair out can take many months up to years to grow out along with using the right products as your hair grows out. Working with a salon professional that will be able to handle this level of damage is important to choose the right products and services for you while keeping your hair in good shape is important.

This past month has been full of incoming challenges to fix from other salons:

  • hair burnt off from chemicals being left on to long
  • hair broken and bristly from highlights being left on to long
  • hair looks like a broom that was splayed out with burnt ends
  • parts of the hair were missing 1/2″ from the scalp in parts of the head
  • hairline broken off from pony tail damage
  • strands of hair were left hanging on the head.
Broken uneven hair

BEFORE broken off hair from over processing

Listen to me folks, if you think or get the thought that you might be sitting under the dryer to long then you might want to ask the stylist to check you. IF you get that gut feeling that something isn’t quite right then maybe it isn’t and you ask the stylist to check your color again . If the color or bleach is on your highlighted hair to long than it most likely will break off when the cooler water hits it in the shampoo bowl. We carry the newest technology at our Indulge Salon, York, Pa locations that re-bond the hair inside while the hair lightens or darkens. The innovations in hair color treatments is spectacular especially when it comes to fragile hair. We are lucky to be partnered up with good companies that provide us with the right techniques to take best care of our clients.

Lighteners or bleaches have ingredients in them that when mixed with a developer  can cause damage if not handled properly. Hair salons are suppose to be professional by not leaving you alone. Cosmetologists go to classes to be updated with education to prevent damage to your hair and scalp and with the newest technology these days, it’s advisable that you ask when the stylist has been to the latest educational event or ask what type of new products do they have when it comes to lightening hair.

Salon professionals have a license for a reason. We are suppose to have advanced knowledge about products before we use them on a client. I am confronted with teary streaked faces that had just come from a a salon needing an emergency session! I feel bad for the client. I feel angry with the stylist that doesn’t have the education or skill certification to be doing the services.

You ask, “what can be done about my broken off hair Kimberly?”

First of all when it comes to hair that has broken off from chemical damage, we need to make sure the scalp is not damaged beyond the epidermis. If it is blistering or puss is coming out of wounds on the scalp, you will need to see a dermatologist and potentially a plastic surgeon. Yes, sessions like this can be this serious. Blisters can be developed in less than 3 seconds with strong metals in the well water or more alkaline water in the area. For example, if you live in an area that has well water, the ph level can be equivalent to a 14 which is like bleach water that you scrub your floors  to clean them. As a stylist, we need to be informed of medications that you take because whatever goes into your  body comes out through the hair, nails and skin. All ph levels for the hair should be around 4.5 – 5.5. There is much to know when working with the hair and the results of products such as shampoo and conditioners. I could go on and on but for the sake of this article today, I will leave it to the broken off hair due to chemical damage from over highlighting, bleaching incorrectly from other salons or from people trying to bleach their own hair which is disastrous.

We can do hair extensions to fill in IF you have enough hair to cover those installed. See our page on bridal hair extensions that I could into depth about the installation, maintenance and hair coloring extensions. If you have at least an inch at the scalp perhaps single strand extensions for a natural look. Still you will need about 6″ of natural hair to lay over the extensions. My suggestions are not an easy fix however immediately getting yourself to Indulge salon to evaluate your hair is a good idea!

Feel free to read our reviews, watch our videos on how to shampoo with the hair growing shampoo and more at FB:Indulgecolorsalon.

I know what it’s like to have lost hair from stress, thinning, shedding hair and breaking off at the back of my head from pony tails! I speak from experience. It took a year for my hair to grow back. It is still fine but fuller and thicker from using the right products.

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