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How to treat mixed textured hair

Treating mixed textured hair

I’ve been perplexed by the conversations around mixed hair, african american hair, spanish hair and caucasion hair. To me and my fellow stylists, it’s all textured hair. With the mixtures of texture from different ethnic backgrounds these amazing new textures have evolved.

I love the diversity of the smooth with some curl to it. Others may have more tighter curl influence that needs babying. Frizzy rebellious hair is not fun for any texture and needs to be managed appropriately. We see straight hair on the top of the head while a frizzy tight curl at the nape of the hair. I’m sure this is frustrating. It can be equally frustrating having baby fine hair that lays tight to the head. All of us have hair challenges. We all want something different. I’d love to have more hair personally that doesn’t break off as soon as it grows out an inch but that’s a separate topic for another blog.

Others could have wavier hair with normal texture but the point is how is this type of hair handled when you need a haircut or haircolor? I’ve had clients that finally made the decision to come into the salon after a year of being afraid of having a stylist cut their hair. they are afraid to have it cut to short because even if you take 1/2″ off it looks like 4″ taken off. It can be a scary feeling walking into a salon that you don’t know anyone. If you feel this way, go here to learn about the stylists that work for Indulge.

Let the games begin….

For clients that invest in a color service, keeping color fresh and vibrant is a top priority. Textured hair treated with perms, relaxers, bleaching products are more prone to damage because of the frequency of the chemical maintenance with this type of hair. The tighter the curl it seems that color moisturizes the hair giving it more flexibility.  We suggest more frequent color maintenance with ammonia free to prevent the color from fading and IMPROVE the health and texture of the hair. Every 3 – 6 weeks schedule is best vs a 4 week schedule. This keeps the hair moisturized and mixed with a healthy dose of protein will allow the hair to heal from the inside out. The color products we carry have amazing new technology with molecules that work from the inside of the cortex.  (inner part of the hair) The outside of the hair that has been shredded exposes the inside of the hair which turns the hair to a gelly like substance causes the hair to be tangled and stretchy. Not a good scene. On a positive note the ions of the hair will turn into a more positive molecular situation allowing the cuticles (think of the outside of the tree bark that feels rough but a smooth youngling tree has a smooth surface similar to hair) to become smoother and tighter giving the appearance of a shiny surface which is healthier.

Treating mixed textures is exciting with daily opportunity for the hair to become healthy over time using the right products and the right color. What do I mean by right color? Hair color has is created with a base in the tube before its mixed with ammonia such as coconut cream, wheat protein, avocada and soy proteins. When you are using the right weight of product on the hair it can appear lighter not so physicallyweighted down.

Historically, textured hair has been treated with oils such as Argan, Moroccan, Coconut oil and other refined oils like Kendi oil that are designed to moisturize. Yet, the concepts are exceptional but are not applied or used correctly. I see the hair is matted down to much with oils which is not attractive and can smell. Not the good smell. We can show you how to use the oils properly without the weight and without the look of being greasy.

Having the right stylist that has the knowledge is important to you for all of the explainations above to give you the results over time that you are looking for. We appreciate the education that we are exposed to monthly. We always have advanced educators from all over the world to teach us how to take best care of your hair.

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