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Hair Dye removal -see before and after

Hair Dye removal – what do you do?

We have been experiencing many box hair color dye removal requests coming in for emergency help!

hair dye removal

BEFORE brassy hair dye from box color

Call us immediately, we can help you find a solution to your box color  hair dye problems. The most popular has been clients that try to do their own blonde hair color dyes resulting in brassy orange or bright banana yellow. Balayage highlights from a box resulting in a digital type looking spotty look and going from blonde hair to brown reds that turn mostly reddishish if that is even a word. Some of our new clients have come in explaining they tried to remove the box color dye without success. It just got worse for them.

Hair color correction is not an easy fix always. May take 20 minutes, may take hours to have multiple applications of remover applied to sections of the hair that may not want to leave the hair. If that is the case, professionally speaking we have to make alternative decisions to give you close to what you want. Tracy Cunningham, Kardashians celebrity hairstylist said it takes an average of 3 months of many highlighting processes to get their dark hair to the prettiest blondes that compliment their skin tone. Pinterest is an awesome source for visuals and we love them but you need to understand that we must consider what you have on your head and try to get you closest to what you like from your pictures. Be realistic and optimistic.

First of all let us address the emotional turmoil that happens when you rinse out your hair and see brassy color that makes your stomach flip. Of course, it’s the morning you decided to have a hair color moment right before you have to go to work. You KNOW you can’t go to work like that but you have to do something. A quick fix….going back to the drug store or local food store scanning the box color aisle trying figure out how to go darker quickly before you punch the clock. You pick the most attractive brunette or look at the color remover depending on how much time you have. To top it off the question always comes up to the cashier, “have you used color remover before?”

after hair color removal

After 5 hours hair color removal achieved desired hair color

And here we are another day, happily fixing the box color blunders to save another head of hair without tears. Read about Shannon story.

If you get a chance read more about hair color correction here

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