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Too Much Holiday Eating Making Your Waist xpand?

Too much holiday eating making your waist expandWe have the perfect solution for reducing those unwanted pounds. I often say to my clients that we should be named the immediate weight loss solution salon. We all do it. We make a mental commitment to ourselves before we sit down for a meal and say to ourselves, “You are only going to eat the protein, a small amount of mashed potatoes, creamy corn, and green bean casserole.” We end up eating couple of smaller helpings of stuffing mixed with the gravy and the potatoes. Our eyes roam the counter for dessert. We spot the dessert that is glistening with pumpkin pie and whipped cream and look away, giving ourselves the mental talk that the muffin top we are sporting right now will continue to expand if we don’t say no. Our strength and willpower caves and we eat the pumpkin pie. Tomorrow, I will start my diet. I’m not a weight loss expert but I am an expert on how to create the perfect haircut and hair color with highlights and lowlights for your face shape and lifestyle.

We always talk to our clients about how their face shape and lifestyle effect the decision we make as stylists. We have the ability to slim your face by the shape of the haircut. We can create volume with layers strategically placed on the top of your head and around the crown, giving the illusion of fuller hair, therefore creating a slimmer face.

All of my clients, and I do mean all of them, think they have a full face when they do not. The hair at the sides of the face can give a bigger impact, creating width if needed for a slim, elongated shape and by pulling the hair back slightly angled can help someone lose about 5-10 pounds visually. Add some highlights and lowlights in the right places and you will look like you’ve lost weight. The best compliment is “What did you do? You look great!”
This is the time to get started with a great haircut and new hair color to help kick start your weight loss for 2015. Call for a consultation at one of our locations nearest you

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