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How to get a wintry glow for your skin|Indulge Salon

Burr! Tis the season for dry flaky skin.

Indulge Salon York Pa

Indulge Salon York Pa offers Guinot Hydrodermie Lift 125.00 this month

The often stressful holiday season combined with the harsh effects of cold winter weather can leave skin dull and dry. Seasonal facials not only help maintain your skin but get you into the holiday spirit but truly aim to nourish and fresh the cells that are lying beneath those dead cells that have been built up since the last facial.

Our goal at Indulge Salon is to have you feeling your best in front of the “selfies” the family get togethers, the impromptu snaps that are unexpected. By all that is holy, you have to be prepared with clean skin that makes you look youthful. Nothing is worse than someone whispering comments that are unflattering.

Our Guinot Hydrodermie Lift is a miracle for this time of year. Our facial treatment will cleanse your skin deeply, oxygenate, and we can add additional vitamins to our customized formulas to penetrate and nourish the cells on their journey to the top of the skin giving a natural glow. Your friends will be curious and say, “what did she do?” Oxygen charge to boost the cells
Micro-circulation is stimulated and oxygenation of the cells is improved, providing an antibacterial and antiseptic effect to heal the skin. This facial includes a lifting procedure that causes the muscles to be firmed up similar to working out giving you the sensation of feeling tighter. Our treatment is normally 175.00 but for this month only it will be 125.00. Take advantage of this treatment now before the holidays.

Single eyelash extensions

Single eye lash extensions at Indulge Salon South George st York Pa

Before your parties in addition to that incredible tight skin you will have, you might want to have some single lash extensions done on the outside of your eyes to give you that sleek look. Anyone that has a new set gets $50 off this month only. Flutter those baby blues at him and keep him guessing! Call 717.846.4424 on South George Street. Limited openings.

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