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Michael Kors “Greenwich” Bag is a must have for the holidays

If you are like one of us at Indulge Salon, we crave Michael Kors newest item out. Last year I was searching for the new AMBER SEXY perfume which I have truckloads of and never tire of it.

Michael Kors Greenwich bag comes in Mandarin Orange, Black, White, Blue,

Michael Kors Greenwich bag comes in Mandarin Orange, Black, White, Blue,

This holiday season its red lip color or brick lip liner, its the NEW Michael Kors large “Greenwich” Bag that really resembles a few years ago the Banana Republic bag that I waited for an hour in line at the Towson Towne Shoppes. I got it and that was all that mattered. This year I may have search this bag out because the line is everywhere you go. I was traveling in Austin and was stuck at the airport (missed by dang flight) and was walking around waiting and pondering what to give this year.

Lo and behold another Michael Kors store with select items in the International Delta wing of the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport. Why not I thought. When I was traveling in Dallas, Michael Kors had two stores on two different levels that were only allowed to carry select items. Now at Park City in Lancaster you can bet your bottom I will be high tailing it over there to see what they are carrying. Mostly I’m curious how these stores work but somebody is doing it right. My girls at Indulge Salon on South George Street are always talking about what’s new and this is is ladies. Get them while you can!

While you are at it, spruce up your hair with some balayage highlights this season. Natural looking highlights. Which will show up first in the photo? Your hair or the bag? I hope your balayage highlights my friend along with a sharp looking French haircut only performed at any one of our locations. Our entire staff is trained in the French haircutting methods. Call 717.846.4424 or 706.999.9911 for a location nearest you.

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