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The Quest: Paleo Lifestyle

Salon York PA What is this Paleo, New Evolution Lifestyle everyone keeps talking about?

Recently, I was given “The New Evolution Diet” written by Arthur De Vany. I had put off reading it up until last week, and even still I only read the first chapter and put the book down. I didn’t put it down because it wasn’t an interesting read, but because I’ve read so many “diet” books that claim they are the way to go, and that every other fad diet out there isn’t good. About two days ago I started reading it again and as I’m making my way through the chapters, I’m realizing how much sense this book actually makes. It’s unbelievable how many foods we eat are the link to why we have diseases and illnesses. The New Evolution Diet explains how some foods are the main causes of diabetes, obesity, and inflammation in our bodies. The author explains how our cells function in our body, and how it processes our food. We live in a world of processed and enriched foods that, yes, taste amazing, but our inherently terrible for our figures and our health.

I am curious as to the difference it could make to not only my health…but my voluptuous figure. The idea is just not sinking in that I can eat any of the “allowed” foods that I want, and exercise less resulting in the body that I’ve always desired. How can this possibly happen?

Stay tuned for more info into my quest for answers on the Paleo lifestyle…

If you have any advice on this topic please feel free to leave a comment!.

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