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Happy Mother’s Day! A Story Of Love The sun shining through the window beckoned me to start the day with a smile since all we have had was rain this week. I quietly walked over to my son’s bed to check on him while he slept peacefully. I wondered what he was dreaming about this early in the morning to have such a contented look on his face. I smiled […]

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Here is a collection of classic Mom-isms in honor of Mother’s Day. How many of these can you hear your own mother saying? And when did you first recall hearing the same things come out of your own mouth (… with a shudder)?Money does not grow on trees ….     Don’t make that face or it’ll freeze in that position ….  Be careful or you’ll put your eye out!   …  What […]

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Looking for a fun mother/daughter Mother’s Day gift idea? Pedicures are a great time for mothers and daughters of all ages to relax and be pampered together. Try our coconut lava scrub pedicure at Indulge Salons Colonial Shopping Center location at 970 South George Street in York. A spa pedicure does so much more than just give you a fresh coat of nail color. Our nail technicians removes dead, dry […]

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Needed to mention this to all my followers. I don’t know about you but I really enjoy my children. My son will be nineteen in March and my daughter is 26. I cannot believe it. I had the opportunity to my daughter in Killeen, Texas. Her husband is in the Army fighting to protect us while the women are back at home “holding the fort down” so to speak. Well, let’s […]

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Being a mother is the most special job that I’ve been assigned. I have the pleasure of inserting my thoughts and values to my children Alex and Carson for 25 years. One day I said to my daughter, “I’m surprised you have survived my parenting.” We laugh and giggled about that statement because I have done a lot of out of the box parenting. I have had to work many […]