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Self tanner left your skin spotty?|Indulge Salon York Pa

Spotty tan streaks from drug store self tanner?

Hydraclean facial treatment Indulge Salon York Pa

Hydraclean facial treatment recommended prior to self tanner

We have the secret to non-spotty skin from self tanners. Call 717-846-4424 for the best results to prepare your skin for your self tanner. 

Try the Hydraclean facial

We highly recommend preparing your skin with our customized Hydraclean facial treatment before applying your self tanner for the best results. Cleansing your skin freeing it from dead skin cells that have accumulated over the months need to be removed. The next step is using the Hydraclean electrode to warm the skin. Warming the skin allows the pores to open gently instead of squeezing. Clogged pores will give a textured appearance on the surface. Once the clogged pores are removed, the skin will give a brighter, smoother appearance.

This part of the facial is essential to have clean skin to apply your self tanner on top giving a smooth polished appearance. Our Hydraclean facial treatment express starts at $85.00 for 30 minutes. We will customize all of the skin care cleansers, toners, and moisturizers to your skin type. We also provide chemical peels to do a deep clean. These treatments are excellent prior to a high school reunion, hot date and in general giving a healthy glow to your skin.

self tanning for the face

Self Tanning creme for the face

Excellent self tanning lotion that hydrates and smoothes the skin. This gradual self-tanning lotion leaves skin soft and rejuvenated. No spots. Try our Hydraclean facial to prepare for your self tanner for the best results. No streaking, no spotting on the skin.  Spray tans rub off on clothes, towels and sheets. Relying on Mother Nature (or tanning beds) for a summer glow can be downright dangerous – even forbidden if you’ve experienced a basal carcinoma.

After your Hydraclean facial treatament we can apply our guinot Creme Hydra Bronze self tanner is a non-sticky lotion that creates a luminous, golden hue while deeply moisturizing and softening. What I also love is Hydra Bronze can be worked into your daily moisturizing routine for a natural looking tan…365 days a year! Available for purchase at 970 S. George Street location. Call for us to set aside at 717-846-4424.

Monica is our experienced esthetician of 19 years. She has worked in various medical spa and salons. She loves correcting skin issues. See our client reviews below. She books out 4 weeks in advance. Get an appointment while you can. Book here.

Skin Type: All Skin Types

Key Ingredients:

  • DHA – bronzing effect.
  • Hydrocyte Complex – intensely moisturizes the skin.

What our customers have to say about our skin care expert:

“Monica is a gem. She made me feel so comfortable with her sweet, easy going attitude. Highly recommend!” from our salon survey. 

Review for Indulge Salon – South York

“Monica was super and did a fantastic waxing job. I highly recommend her for any waxing service!”

Review for Indulge Salon – South York 4/29/2017

“I had a wonderful and relaxing experience at Indulge. I will definitely be back and will bring my daughter with me . Everyone was very friendly and Monica showed really good customer service skills.” 

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