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1st time for your Brazilian Waxing?

1st time Brazilian waxing for men and women

1st time Brazlian waxing?

Benefits of Brazilian waxing:

  1. gets you beach ready 5 days before your trip, lasts 2 – 3 weeks
  2. no harsh chemicals to leave on the skin to dissolve the hair
  3. eliminates the itching
  4. silky smooth
  5. leaves you feeling confident

Frequently asked questions for Brazilian and body waxing

Our first time brazilian waxers have frequently asked questions that I will answer here. 

Brazilian waxing for the first time will catch the hairs that are grown out to the size of a piece of rice. The hair grows at separate intervals. It’s important to note that we may not be able to wax every single hair at different growth rates therefore, we will wax and tweeze the lingering hairs.

By scheduling in another two – three weeks, we will catch the growth all at the same time till the hair is on the same cycle. We explain this at your consultation. We recommend a product called EPIL Comfort from Guinot  that will help retard the new growth to extend the length of your waxing service.

Key Ingredients

  • Chamomile Extract – soothing.
  • Bulbaine – reduces hair regrowth.
  • Skin Tree – soothes.
  • Corn & Arnica Extract – calms the skin.
  • Aloe Vera Extract – soothes.
  • Lemon – lightens hair.

The waxing session takes about 20 minutes for your first time. Our waxing specialist will wax everything from front to back and all in between including the labia (lips), and anus.

We have clean paper that you lay down on. Our waxers normally wear gloves. We recommend that you clean prior to your first visit. Do not scrub your private area. Wash in general with soap and water nothing out of the ordinary.

Does the Brazilian and body waxing hurt?

Does it hurt? Yes, it can be a like a bandaid being pulled off but the after results are clean and silky smooth. He will love the results!

Can I have other waxing done at the same time? Yes, we can wax the entire body at the same time, just allow enough time when you schedule the appointment here. We do the entire leg, arms, underarms, facial, back, buttocks, upper buttocks to base of back, anus, inside the inner thigh, bikini, chest, nipples, shoulders, neck, ears, or specific areas such as eyebrow, upper lip, chin, cheeks fingers and toes.

Save $15 off your first Brazilian waxing service. Ranges from $65 – $85. Go to fill out the first time visitor form on the right to receive $15 in your email. Bring to your first appointment. Schedule here. 

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