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Need your red hair color to stay longer?

Love your red hair color? 

Red hair color York Pa

Red hair color done by hairstylist, Kimberly Acworth at Indulge Salon, York Pa

Red hair color is hard to keep around like that new date that you met and want to keep calling but they avoid your calls. Red hair color is  a little more maintenance than the usual root touch up.

Think of your red hair color as friends that are coming to a party that you are excited to spend time with. In fact, you want those red hair color friends to spend the night! Our red hair color friends meet someone else at the party, they start leaving one by one until there are only a few friends left.

Those few red hair color friends left at your party are what leave your color looking orange and brassy. Some new words for you to learn would be color retouch means coloring the hair that has grown out of the scalp. Color balance is a term that we created to associate with the hair that has faded. Red color tones have to be re-established for depth and vibrancy to the mid length and ends of the hair.

The depositing color used as a color balance is a gentle deposit of color vs the stronger color used at the scalp to cover grey, going darker or  lifting to a lighter color that requires a stronger developer ONLY.

Indulge Salon’s are an authority on all red hair color, we have many red hair color manufacturers to choose from to help your red hair color stay longer.

  1. We consult with our clients to see which product is suitable for their hair. We look at the hair texture. Fine limp that needs more treatment. We choose professional products based on what will be good for your hair plus get the best results to keep your red hair color friends staying longer at the party.

2. Choosing the right color has a lot to do with your hair texture, the porosity (ability to hold color), and your skin tone. Managing your red hair color will depend on your willingness to use the correct products. We have choices such as red brown, red auburn, red copper, golden copper, strawberry blonde, blush and apricot are some of the beautiful tones that can compliment skin tones. I love that we have the ability to make some colors more vibrant just by adding other red tones that lay next to each other.

3. During the consultation, we will establish your faceshape, your lifestyle and the right coloring technique for the best result for you. We may  do a base color along with a contouring color, balayage for a natural sun kissed look, a foil highlight for stronger highlights for a power statement. No matter who you are or who you want to be, we can help bring out the best in you. For ideas, go here.

4. Price to keep our red head friends at the party longer is not cheap. We are the best at what we do however; maintaining the red hair color may take a few sessions at first to create a base color for the pigments to stay longer. Once we have them at the party, we need to close the door to lock the red pigment in. In some instances we will use a permanent hair color, glazes to fill in, or semipermanent color to push pigment into the hair. In some instances the hair is to fragile to hold color then we use a non ammonia based hair color.

5. Home Maintenance regime recommendations will be essential to keeping your hair maintained at home.

We always recommend that you bring photos of what you like about what you desire your hair to look like and pictures that you have of yourself that you love. This helps us do our job. Pinterest, Instagram and any social media is always helpful.

For a free consultation for your red hair color contact us at 717-846-4424 for our York, Pa. Book online here.

Book for a color appointment 30 minutes and for a haircut or blow dry styling about an hour later. Call if you need help scheduling.

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