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Organic hair color is it for you?

Organic hair color made with minimum chemicals and maximum organic ingredients.

Indulge Salon, York Pa provides the highest level of hair color with Organic Colour Systems. If you want happy, healthy hair we are the salon for you. Every effort is taken to provide a thorough consultation to achieve the results that you are looking for. Organic hair color is necessary for consumers that have allergic reactions to traditional hair color. I have had clients recently that require non wheat hair color, organic.

Organic Colour Systems is made in New Hampshire, Britain. It’s the first ever range of permanent hair colours made from the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients and the minimum amount of chemicals to colour and care for your hair as natural as possible.

Organic Color Systems

Organic Color Systems can be used on fine, medium and long hair

Organic colour systems have designed effective Colour, Care (products) and Control (products) that work together as a perfect system to create naturally healthier hair with longer lasting colour. Organic Colour Systems is scientific and completely different process.

Benefits of using Organic hair color:

  • gentle and non damaging
  • believe in recycling and protecting the environment
  • never use ammonia to develope the color
  • never tested on animals
  • source the ingredients ethically and use them carefully

The best texture of hair that benefits is coarser texture of hair. Organic colour systems will overcome curly, frizzy hair that can be tempermental with its variety of porosities. The organic colour systems care products will penetrate the hair more deeply therefore allowing the color to go in deeper  along with the customized protein and/or moisturizer. Some areas of the hair may be thicker than others. For example, the ends may be much thinner because it’s older hair that has been on the head longer plus exposed to the environmental damage. Enjoy a smoother texture immediately after the service.

Organic hair color has specialized formulations that can be make multi-dimensional, highlights that stay brighter, softer hair, moveable hair, faster drying experience.

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